Saturday, October 18, 2008

The FBI and the Honor Killings

There are those who are upset with the FBI for not calling the murders of Amina and Sarah Said by their father an honor killing. Some are even saying that the FBI is crawling in bed with CAIR on this issue because of what they have said. I cannot blame them in regards to their feelings on this. On the surface a person can see their point especially at this time where there are those who would seek to impose their religious beliefs upon us and the world.

My feelings are just as strong and deep about these murders. I have said I actually hope that someone catches the guy before the police do and we find that a little vigilante justice has been done first. This I’ll admit. I’ll even go as far as say that this is one case where I believe the death penalty would be a reward rather than justice. This is one case where I’d like to see a man live out his life in a continuous state of torture. I would even advocate that it be a public occurrence.

I do have to disagree with those who are angry with the FBI for what they did. I also think that once we control our feelings we will realize that the FBI was right in rescinding their accusation of naming it as an honor killing. We will also see that it isn’t because the FBI is playing the part of a dhimmi to CAIR but are actually abiding by a way of life we have chosen for ourselves.

We need to remember we have a system of justice where no one man is to be judge, jury and executioner. We need to remember that each phase of our system is separated from the other and that those persons within each phase are limited in their power and authority. Most important to remember is that there is a very delicate balance in these phases. The determination of the type of crime it is to be called is an element of this delicate balance.

The determination of the type of crime of it is within the authority of the prosecution phase not within the authority of the investigation phase. It was a mistake on the part of the FBI to call it an honor killing in the first place. The FBI, as the investigation phase, will be called to the witness stand to testify. The defense attorney will be looking for any mistakes that they made to justify their attempt to bring about a verdict or decision that favors their client. This mistake could end up playing a part in it. Moreover, remember that more than likely this despicable piece of dirt will have the best of lawyers that CAIR can hire to defend him.

So, my friends, I ask of you not to allow your emotions to judge the FBI harshly in regards to this. They made a mistake and are trying to rectify it. In fact, they deserve our respect for acknowledging their mistake in the first place. Show a little patience with them also. If you think about it you’ll know and believe that the FBI wants this man just as bad as you and I do. They are fathers and mothers of children too and they have the same feelings as we do when it comes to how kids are treated. I have to believe this if I am to believe in the way of life we have chosen and I ask that you do also.


Crian said...

Hey Griper, I actually forgot what CAIR stood for until I looked it up. CAIR is an interesting organization who has a tough time amalgamating all the different types of Islam under one roof but I disagree with honor killings completely and believe it to be an antiquated custom that should be stamped out. How one does that within the rules of Islam, I am not sure...

BB-Idaho said...

Honor Killing....right after we talked about oxymorons. It would seem that murder is murder, period.
BTW, did I hear Dean Martin singing
'Let It Snow' during your Christmas Card show above? I gotta tell ya, my wife is already putting up lights along the fences...and it isn't Halloween yet. (!!?)

The Griper said...

there i'd agree with you, bb, and i'd say the same for these so-called hate crimes also. a criminal act is a criminal act period too. and yes you did hear what you heard. lol

Crian, welcome back to the cyber world. starting to get used to the work load over there?

"How one does that within the rules of Islam, I am not sure..."

the answer is simple, my young friend. you update your understanding of how to restore honor just like every other culture has done, even ours.

you also need to learn that you cannot enter into a different culture to live there and impose your cultural ways unto that culture. you need to abide by the ways of that culture. you are experiencing that now over there.

Average American said...

I can not come up with a punishment that would come close to fitting this crime. It would have to involve some sort of dishonor, that much is sure. Maybe something to do with pig's blood, human excrement, pictures of Mohammed, and whatever else Islam considers taboo would be a start. Death should be the eventual outcome, but it has to be slow, painful, and quite a ways in the future. Suffering should be the main objective. To bad our laws won't allow any of the above.

dcat said...

Love that first Thomas K painting. I have a couple of puzzles the first one is one of those puzzles.

Muslims are in the FBI too Griper!

The Griper said...

yes, that may be, dcat, but i was thinking of how it would affect the legal system we have. a good defense attorney would spin it as being prejudice and biased. they used that trick in the OJ trial against one of the cops.

and there is no reason to give them more ammunition to shoot down the case.
that is all i was trying to say.

tweetey30 said...

I have to admit I have no idea what happened so I am biased with this post today.. I dont remember hearing about the murders but might have and just dont remember them... Hope all is well with you..

dcat said...

the media did a fine job in not showing it!

I am getting damn tired of that race card shit!

and you are right people are IDIOTS!

Gayle said...

It's hard not to be emotional over this subject being that what is called "honor killings" are being comitted and that the very name itself is an oxymoron, just as BB said, which all by itself tends to make us angry. I would lean toward judgemental of the FBI too, Griper, if I had not read this post. You are right, of course. It's not the investigator's job to name the crime, only to catch the perpetrators of the crime. What they are convicted of is decided by the prosecution.

You are a rare thing - a logical person. Good for you! :)

The Griper said...

shuckens gayle, keep giving me compliments like that and i'll get so emotional i'll forget what logic means. :)

Gayle said...



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