Thursday, June 19, 2008

Working like a Dog

Howdy, my friends, been away for a while but I hope each of you have enjoyed the music while I was gone. And I hope each enjoyed the songs that I dedicated to both, the mothers last month and the fathers this month.

Just came back to give you a partial idea of what drug me away from all my friends. The pic below is a pic of my lovely house that i live in. As you can see, it needs a helping hand from its owner. A touch of paint here, a touch of paint there, a little glue in spots and i'll have it back on its feet in no time.

In case you're wondering, that big white building you see on the left is my dog's house.

I guess you could say that I am the one treated like a dog around here.

Ok, Ok you don't believe me, that's just fine as he pouts. That is an old shed in my back yard that rotted away and finally fell over from a strong wind.(click on pix for a good closeup)

Below is a pic of how it looks now.

And below shows you what happened to it.

That is grandpa's version of recycling.

When I planted that tree you see, its height was at my forehead. Now it is twice as tall as I am. And don't ask me what type of tree it is. I have no idea. The only thing I know is that the leaves remain as green as you see them year round. If someone can identify it I'd sure would like to know.

Well, that was just a short version that I'd share with you and give you a small idea of the reason I feel like someone is working me like a dog.


BB-Idaho said...

"If someone can identify it I'd sure would like to know." Sounds like a Jeopardy question. The leaves look somewhat like the
Sweet Bay, which would grow in your area..does it get little yellow flowers in the Spring?

tweetey30 said...

That is a good way of recycling. We want to take down three trees in our yard. And I would love to keep the wood because we have a very small fire pit and we like to have small get togethers every so often. Good fire wood.

The Griper said...

haven't seen any flowers yet bb, it just has those very deep green leaves on it year round. and i planted it more than just a couple of years ago too. so, if it was to flower it should have matured enough by now.

ahhh yes tweety, no better tasting food than that which was cooked over a good wood fire. i prefer it over charcoal cooked.

you might also think about the idea of only cutting enough on a yearly basis too, since you need to let it dry out before using it as firewood.

or if the trunks of them are good and straight you might think about the idea of selling them for the extra money it would bring ya. you'd still have enough from the limbs for firewood.

Gayle said...

I hope Tweety sees your suggestion, Griper. As we both know, she could use the cash. :)

You had me going for a minute there, Griper! I thought perhaps you had been a victim of a tornado! I'm glad it was only an old shed.

I love the Carpenter's music, and in fact all of the music that you put up. Thank you.

Crian said...

That must have been some strong wind... I always thought the wind was crazy here in Ireland. I would kill for a wood-fired T-bone right now. People aren't really big into BBQ's when you have rain 250 days of the year.

The Griper said...

where i am Crian is a valley. and we get what has been called Santanna winds which travel through that valley and can get pretty strong. but the big reason was the fact of how rotten the wood was that held it up not the strength of the wind.

hahaha. that was my intent as you read too. you gotta remember one thing about me as i have said to lista many times now.

i'm never serious but always sincere in my thoughts.

being serious is 2 stresfool as granpapa siz.

dcat said...


LOL everyone is busy it's SUMMER! :D

As for the tree I asked hubby since he came from Torrance CA. He said he had lots of trees around the house that were green all year around ;)

Fresh avocados too!

dcat said...

I think Seatte is going into fall now we had our one day of summer yesterday. ;)

I predict a cool summer.

The Griper said...

with me sizzling with over 100 degree weather down here, dcat, you are being cruel by saying how cool it is up there. that is called mental torture and torturing people on my blog is strictly forbidden. lolol

tweetey30 said...

Thank you for the suggestions and Yes Gayle I see it. LOL.. I am in better spirits this morning. I have some good news but not 100% until Wednesday if I got the actual job or not..

Lista said...

If your dog is anything like our dog, than he owns the house, but is happy to share it with you.

I also like the Carpenters, they are one of my favorites. I used to like Elivia Newton John too, when she was still doing easy music and before she switched to harder rock. I also liked a jazz one that you put on your blog once. I don't remember any more who it was, only that I liked it.

We used to live in Rancho Cucamonga, right along side of Fontana and Colton, where the Santanna winds are even more common than in the rest of the valley and often reached speeds over 100 mph.

Yeh, Southern California is hot, Griper. You can have it. We moved out of there. It's hot up here too in the valleys, but we're in the mountains. I'm getting tired of all the smoke, though, from all these fires. I'm ready for that to stop. Our poor dog with lung cancer may have lived a little longer if the air had been more clear.

The Griper said...

yah lista, that is always true about moving from one area to another. people move because of the benefits they see but once there they find that it is not all beneficial but has something to complain about too.

and it seems that it is human nature to complain about something and not brag about the benefits. must be human nature to seek perfection in everything but ourselves.

Lista said...

Actually, Griper, I'm not complaining all that much. Our dog just died, so I'm feeling just a little sadder than usual and as to the fires, well, that's a little unusual too. You can't really judge how much I generally complain about the area I live in by something I say when the area is in a crisis. In general, I really do like the area we live in.

During the initial fires that were burning when our dog was sick, we actually had gas lines in spite of the high prices. People were filling up in case there was a need to evacuate and they did evacuate certain areas of a town near by. The roads were congested with people leaving town and some of them were closed to nothing but fire trucks. Eventually the gas stations ran out of gas and the gas trucks were having trouble getting in here to deliver more gas to the stations. Meanwhile, I was stressing over a dog that I dearly love that was dying and now is gone. During our first visit to the vet, there was no power so we didn't get the X-rays we needed until after the weekend.

There are still fires burning that could threaten our area if the wind shifts in our direction, so you see I'm complaining about much more than just where I happen to live at the moment.

If you want to know my attitude about the area, though, I moved to Northern California reluctantly because I was raised in Southern California and that is where all my friends and family live. My husband hates the heat and smog and congested highways and couldn't wait to get out of there.

Well, I've made lots of new friends since then and this really is a nice area. A lot of the people who live here are either from Southern California or the Bay area and I think their attitude about where they came from is whether humorous. Once I told one of our neighbors that we were going down to Southern California to see family and the response was "Oh, I'm so sorry!!" This attitude makes me laugh because it's really not quite that bad, yet that's how a lot of the people here feel about congested cities.

The Griper said...

He just chuckles and nods. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Hey we all do what we gotta do. LOL

The Griper said...

he just looks up at dd and says "arf arf" (canineze for yup)lol

Fallen' Angel said...

Howdy Griper!
It's been WAY too long since I've been able to read your posts but I sure am glad I picked this one to start with. I needed a good giggle this morning. I hope to be caught up on Grandpappy's wisdom soon, as I've missed it quite a bit.
And if it makes you feel any better, my German Shepherd pretty much owns the house too.
Take Care,


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