Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Gift

Couldn't help but come by and give all you guys a gift for Father's Day. And I thought Julie London would be the perfect gift. Who wouldn't want to be her "daddy"?


BB-Idaho said...

Julie London...
..last time I heard of her was in basic training, Fort Leonard Wood, early sixties. A hard-bitten kid trooper from Chicago could imitate her 'Fly Me To The Moon'. Which was disconcerting (and obviously
memorable) as the dolcet tune floated over us in the mud with
50 cal zipping over the barbwire!!
.."..and let me sit among the stars" BANG BANG BOOM.
Julie London...oh my!!

tweetey30 said...

Happy belated fathers day Griper if you have kids... It was quiet here yesterday for Jeff. We stayed home and just vedged out...

The Griper said...

thank you tweety. for me it was just another day of work here.

ahhhhh bb, twas my thoughts exactly on julie london, her voice was all i needed to hear to fly me to the moon. as for her looks, that kept me there for years.

Gayle said...

Hi Griper, and hapy belated Father's Day from me too. Sorry you had to work!

My hubby had to bury our oldest dog on Father's Day. He's had better Father Days.

The Griper said...

thank you, gayle. and your hubby did not bury a dog yesterday. he put precious memories in safe keeping to be ressurected each year on this special day.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of her, but she was good!

How about some more Carpenters? :-)

The Griper said...

he smiles at karen and says, "thy wish is my command."

and yes, julie london was as good of a singer as she was beautiful.

Gayle said...

That's the best way to look at it, Griper. Thank you. :)


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