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The Rule of Governments

"Grandpa, my government book says we elect representatives but I have heard you say that we do not. You said we elect rulers. Which is it?"

"Yes, boy, I made the claim once in debate that we elect our rulers. Given the fact that we usually refer to them as representatives I better clarify the idea. Now, first of all, I will grant that when we speak of the word ruler the first thought is to think of a dictator or a monarch. And at one time, this thought would be true because all nations were headed by one of the two. It remains true even up to today in a big part of the world.

However, we must also add that rule of this kind was also forced rule in most cases if not all cases. Both, a monarch and a dictator ruled over the people by force. His word was law and it was his word that was enforced. Furthermore, at one time, it was even justified morally by declaring he had the divine right to rule. The people declared their allegiance to the king or dictator.

Now, just from this we can also add one more element, the form of government that existed. One was a dictatorial form of government while the other is a monarchial form of government. Another element that must be considered is the fact that a monarchial government is a dictatorial form of government but a dictatorial form of government is not a monarchial form of government

From this, we can see that the ruler of a nation can also be declared as synonymous with the government of a nation. They are one and the same thing. Now we can expand upon this concept by declaring that while a country may have a dictatorial government the form of government can be identified differently. Nazism, fascism, and communism are all forms of governments that are commonly known forms of government with dictators. We even have had republican form of governments with dictatorial rule. In addition, in each case the government was seen as being synonymous with the ruler. Reason; it was the dictator or monarch that did the actual governing of a nation.

It is people who rule and every government is made up of people filling the position as determined by the form of government installed. A government without people cannot exist, it cannot rule. People who rule constitute a government. A government enacts laws. A government enforces the laws it enacts. A government determines the legality of the laws. Moreover, the government of any state represents that state in all state transactions.

The Constitution gave the right to add amendments to governments. It is the government that has the power to declare and wage wars. The Armed Forces are under the control of the government. As for absolute power, the government has the right to declare martial law. Finally, it is persons who has the authority to exercise the powers of government.

Now, for those who believe that we live in a country without rulers does not our government possess all the same powers as a country that is governed by a ruler? So, if someone wants to say we do not elect our rulers they are going to have to come up with a definition of government that I have never heard of yet."

The definition of the word rule (verb) is the following;
Governing power or its possession or use; authority. (American Heritage Dictionary)
Exercise authority over; as of nations. (Hyperdictionary.)
Govern, reign(

Does not those definitions describe the duties and power of our government? The only thing different from previous forms of government is the fact we took absolute power away from one man and divided it up among 545 men thus diminishing the power of any one man. The only power he actually possesses is the power that comes from being a member of a group of men. The group possesses the power and it is the same power as a monarch, absolute power. And that is what we call government, boy. And that is what each person should have on his mind as he is entering the voting booth."

I just sat there dumbfounded by the words grandpa was saying. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It seemed to be describing our government in a way that was totally foreign to what my teacher in school was saying.


Gayle said...

No, they certainly don't teach that in school, Griper, but they should. It would certainly make people stop and think before deciding who to elect as one of the rulers! Even though they are only in office for a certain term, they still can inflict a lot of damage.

Then there's the Supreme Court - rulers who serve for life! Why? I wish that would be changed.

Lista said...

Hello again,

Yes, our rulers have what could be considered "absolute power" to make decisions while they are in office, yet the very fact that they are elected by the people gives the people more "influence" over them and influence in itself is a type of power, so maybe that power is not quite so "absolute" since the hand of the king can be swayed by the people.

The Griper said...

a good thought, very good. but carry that thought out. who influenced the voter to vote the way he did?

"Then there's the Supreme Court - rulers who serve for life! "

the only thing i can say is,,yup.

seeing them in the terms of rulers brings one to different ideas don't they? and i would say a little closer to the way the founders thought at the time.

Lista said...

I guess the answer to your question, Griper, is that the media has a lot of influence over the voters and since the media is so biased this is a very scary thought.

Yes, Gayle, the Supreme Court has way too much power and it's really a shame.

The Griper said...

yes, the media has influence and that be why that in a dictatorship the government controls the media.

but there be another influence that be more direct and more pertinent to the subject of the post. what of campaign promises? isn't it on those promises that people vote?

wasn't it on the promise that we would withdraw from Iraq that swept the democrats into office in '06?

Daniel Ruwe said...

Good post, griper. And BTW, I agree that the Supreme Court has far to much power.

Lista said...

You make very interesting points, Griper. I guess the freedom of press is key in democracy and when we loose that to bias, we are loosing our democracy.

Another interesting thought in relation to "campaign promises" is that this is exactly why character is just as important, if not more so, than the issues. People call it mud slinging, yet if there is something negative about a candidate that is really key to the issue of character, I'd prefer to know about it.

The Griper said...

yes i agree with you on character as long as it is relevant. bringing up something that happened 30 years ago and can be seen as minor infraction though would be considered as character assassination in my mind though.
a drunk driving conviction when it is known the man no longer drinks.

Lista said...


dcat said...

It's a liberal school system that is why!

Thanks Griper for another fine read. I am aware and I know that you know that!

Must be my attitude.

Fallen' Angel said...

I'm *still* sitting here dumbfounded, only knowing that I am now acutely aware of something I was only vaguely aware of before.
And no, they didn't teach me this in school either, but I think I managed to pick some of it up by being surrounded by a few good men, (and no they weren't all Marines,) who had shed blood or been with others as they did so because someone, somewhere decided that they should. That "someone" was the government. I began to realize as I read that it didn't stop or start with them. That's something I have not consciously grasped until now,
It starts with me. I have not only the right to elect those who make such decisions...I have the *responsibility* to do so. Thus, I am also responsible, at least in part, for the results of my choices when electing those who will "rule."
I'm not sure if that's where you were going with this Griper, as I know I didn't touch on many of your points although I agree with your thoughts on power, but it sure did help me understand what others have been unable to explain to me for a long time. Thank you for another excellent "class" on being an American.

p.s. Please forgive the errors in spelling and grammer. As you know, it's been quite a week and I'm a little short on brian cells. ;)

The Griper said...

"It starts with me. I have not only the right to elect those who make such decisions...I have the *responsibility* to do so. Thus, I am also responsible, at least in part, for the results of my choices when electing those who will "rule."

you said it better than i ever could. and if more took that attitude we'd see those voting booths filled.

Lista said...

Amen! Agreed again.


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