Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Soldier to be Honored

My pappy taught me principles and from this, I know a man.
My mammy taught me love and from this I know a family.
My friends I have and from this, I know my worth.
My country it be and from this I know I’m free.

My home may be under a tree, the river that flows my dinner be.
Freedom I have, I am what I be.
To honor those before me, to love those that be with me.
That be my purpose, that be only me.

In the past I’ve been, in the present I be.
‘Tis only the future that is left for me.
Life be as it is, I be what only I can be.
I beg for no more, I plead for no less.

I be but one, there be so very many.
I possess only myself, I belong to so many.
To each, I offer my hand, for a smile in return.
For what I am, for what I offer and it be so little.
But, in return, I receive the gift of the world.

The baby in my arms is the reason I be.
For the baby in my arms is the future to be.
For the baby in my arms yet to be free,
For the baby in my arms, a soldier I must be.

For it is for her that here I stay.
For it is for her, back home, my family awaits.
For it be for her, this baby fast asleep,
That I became a soldier, trained as one of the few.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, thank you.

dcat said...

To all our troops!

Well done Griper!

Average American said...

Our country is so fortunate to have so many men and women willing and able to serve, and to do so with such honor and principles. Kind of makes one proud to be American!

The Griper said...

yes, and to know it is voluntarily too. it says a lot of the youth of today

though, as one American, i still feel the shame of how you and yours were welcomed home. I can only hope this nation has learned a lesson from it and it never happens again.

Fallen' Angel said...

As you once wrote to me, Griper, there are no words. "Thank you" does not suffice for this gift of poetry, honor and tribute. I have printed it for my Dad to read in the morning, and sent it to my 1SG in Iraq. Though nothing can make up for things that Average American went through when he came home, or that my Dad drank for years to chase away the ghosts of the Imjin River Valley, I think that both they and my guy will appreciate being so appreciated.

Gayle said...

Beautiful, Griper!

Lista said...

There are two phrases that stuck out for me; "I possess only myself. I belong to so many." and "For what I am, for what I offer and it be so little, but in return, I receive the gift of the world."

Lovely poem.


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