Thursday, March 06, 2008

University of Life

Grandma just caressed my wet cheek where tears were falling down because I had screwed up that day and it had hurt my best friend. It felt like the worst day of my life and I just knew that nothing could make it better. But then grandma spoke in her loving way that always seemed to make things better. This is what she said,

"My boy, whether you knew it or not you are enrolled in a full-time school called The University of Life. Each day, you will be presented with opportunities to learn what you need to know. The lessons presented are often completely different from those you think you need.

There are no mistakes---only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error and experimentation. You can learn as much from failure as you can from success. And this just happens to be one of those days that you feel that you failed. Don’t let it get you down.

In life, school never lets out. Learning does not nor will ever end. There is no stage of life that does not contain some lessons. As long as you live, there will be something more to learn. There is no better than "today". When your "tomorrow" has become a "today" you will obtain another "tomorrow" that will again look better than your "today". Do not be fooled by believing that the unattainable is better than what you have. If you have learned your lessons well then yesterday is without meaning. If you have not then yesterday will continue to exist to remind you of it. You will feel that there will be no tomorrow.

As you see others you see but a reflection of the self. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you would love or hate about yourself. To call someone wrong is to reflect upon your perception of what would be wrong for you to do.

What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. Remember that through desire, goal-setting and unflagging effort you can have anything you want. Persistence is the key to success.

The answer is within you. The solutions to all of life's problems lie within your grasp. All you need to do is ask, look, listen and trust. There is no can’t. There is only can. We only need to learn what that can is. And that is what life is about, the learning of can. So, my boy, graduate from the University of Life with honors. That is what will make your grandfather and me the proudest of grandparents."

With this she just leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I knew that everything would be all right.


Gayle said...

It's a good lesson for us to remember regardless of what age we are. I'm certainly no spring chicken but I still learn something new every day. When I quit learning, it's time to leave.


The Griper said...

that is true,gayle, and i believe also it is at that moment that we come to realize that is the time we can call ourselves mature adults.

when you think about it the ones who are generally considered immature are the ones who think they know it all already.

Sugarbabe said...

Guess my persistence has not been strong enough as there are many things I have wanted and would still like to have in my life that I know are totally out of my grasp. It would be wonderful if what you say is true...As for having the right tools, here are 3 very important ones needed--health, money and knowledge. These 3 will get one a long ways toward their goal..without them, forget it. But one needs to keep reaching out and never give up on hope, which is another important tool along with the biggie, LUCK!

The Griper said...

reread my post, sugarbabe. in it you will see the following:
" We only need to learn what that can is. And that is what life is about, the learning of can."

so to reconcile what you said with this we can sum it up by saying once we learn what we can do there is nothing to stop us from getting it.

Sugarbabe said...

I don't know what all I can do but know some things I can't do. I was never able to stand on my head or do hand springs like most of the other kids and I sure did want to.
We need all them tools I mentioned for can do's..But I know what your are trying to say.. An old saying that 'Never say can't, can't can't do nothin." Or is it, "There is no such word as can't." To be sure if we don't give it a shot we will never know if we can or not.. "If the first time you don't succeed try, try again." You've got the right idea Griper..

The Griper said...


when we entered this world we could do four things and as every mother knows we did them at the most inconvenient times too. we knew how to bawl, we knew how to suckle and we knew how to mess our diapers.

from that time on we began to learn everything else we could do. and that includes getting into trouble. and most of us were learned how to do that very well.

and yes there are some things that we'd like to do but don't but just because we don't do them does not mean we couldn't do them. don't confuse the words can with want.

dcat said...

I'm fine Griper

Oh and I have learned what I can't remember I can always look up info. If you want it bad enough.

I also think you will know it when you need it.


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