Saturday, March 08, 2008

A more perfect Union

While grandpa and I were sitting out on the porch one eve, he in his rocking chair and me in mine next to him I asked him this question:

“Grandpa, what does it mean when we say we should uphold the Constitution?”

he opened his eyes, looked at me then sat there rocking a bit more before giving me this answer;

“Boy, that is a toughie to answer. Basically it means that we should look to the Constitution to determine what government is allowed to do or not do. But there are those who believe that it also is a determinant of what society is allowed to do also. This is the result of political ideology. And people will interpret the Constitution so as to see it as supporting their ideology. And this results in what I call an ideological Constitution.

What I mean by this is, is that they are using the Constitution to uphold their ideology rather than possessing an ideology that upholds the Constitution. From this they feel they have the authority to form a more perfect society, as they believe a perfect society should be. The problem with this is that it divides a society rather than uniting it. And in dividing a society it creates a less perfect society rather than a more perfect one.

After we won our independence from England the thirteen colonies were no longer just colonies but sovereign independent states with the power an authority as any other nation. It was the recognition of their own weakness and vulnerabilities that inspired them to unite as one thus making them stronger. But they wanted to do it in such a manner that would not deprive themselves of their newly gained freedom or sovereignty. So, they made a pact with each other to unite for the purpose of common interests. Self-defense was the main reason for this pact. Thus they united under a pact called the Articles of Confederation.

With this pact all thirteen states agreed that an attack on one state was an attack on every state. This pact also created a central government that was meant to address any issues of common interests. Each state sent representatives that would present the viewpoints of their own state on any matter brought up. While ideally it could have been said to be the perfect union of states, in practice the ideas were flawed. And the Constitution that we have today is nothing but The Articles of Confederation rewritten so as to address these flaws thus forming a more perfect union. And because of the uniqueness of how it was written it can be declared we have rewritten that Constitution 17 more times since then.

So, boy, when we talk of upholding the Constitution we are speaking not in terms of society but in terms of the pact that the states agreed to in the formation of this great nation. In other words our individual ideology should be dependent upon the Constitution and the intent of the Constitution. And the intent of the Constitution was to form a more perfect union of states not a more perfect society.”

With that said he went back to closing his eyes once more and started slowly rocking once more. And I quietly did the same.


Layla said...

Excellent write up and I agree with Grandpa. What a wise man and I suspect you also.

Our Constitutional rights are taken forgranted in this nation. Unfortunately not enough people understand the Constitution let alone have even taken the time to read it.

I wish more people understood as you do-without our Constitution to hold us together we truly have nothing.

The Griper said...

people, by nature, are lazy, layla. they treat the Constitution like they do the bible. they focus ona particular part of it then interpret the whole thing from their conception of meaning on that particular part as if inspired by God.

all you need to do do prove this is ask a person a simple question.

"if you was to use a single word or phrase to show your understanding of what the Constitution is about, what word or phrase would that be?"

dcat said...

I take a trip and you are already talking about me! Humph! Lazy!?

I am always too busy working to be lazy!

I worked for this vacation! You hear me!!! The Gov. didn't hand it over on a silver plater!

I want that American dream you know! ;)

Hi Griper! Just wanted to let you know I am paying attention and this was a great post! :)

The Griper said...

welcome home, decat. hope you enjoyed the trip. and thank you. i try to write a half way decent post every once in awhile.

dcat said...

Still there honey!

wine taste at 4:30 so we have to get back from our hike...

I'll be back the place we are staying at has y fi.

The weather is great even blue sky!

Ya can't trust that weather pattern. Here till Tuesday will keep ya posted.

Gayle said...

LOL!!! (In response to dcat's comment.)

It's a shame, Griper, that this post cannot be tattooed on people's brains. That's the only way many people would ever get it through their thick skulls. I hope I don't sound too shrill, but I'm very discouraged by the obvious apathy in this country.

dcat said...

Glad it made you laugh gayle :D

dcat said...

I picked a fight with the wine guy!

What a donkey!

And a flaming f- liberal to boot!

And very hard with steel toes!!!

Ahhhh but he was too dence to see I was kicking him around. ^..^

The Griper said...

hope you got the wine before you got into the fight, dcat. did you break any fingernails as you were digging them into his thick skin?

gayle, it wouldn't do any good to tatoo it into the brains of some. all their brains would do is scramble it up until it fit their ideology.

dcat said...

Got the wine left him bleeding...the nails are fine and ready for the next victim.

Liberals love playing the victims don't you know.

The Griper said...

ohh brother, can now see the bleeding hearts of those dcat gets her claws in to. lol


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