Sunday, March 23, 2008

See what I see

I have a vision and it be this I am to fulfill
Your vision be yours, what you see is not for me to see
So, my friend, why blame me if yours be unfulfilled and mine is yet to come
The costs of my vision be high and I must pay the price

‘Tis my vision that I lead you to know, tis the way of a leader
I cannot lead if you demand it your way. I cannot lead if I am to follow.
See my vision, let me stay my course. I cannot follow your course.
Don’t blame me just because I won’t follow your course

You call me your leader yet you won’t allow me to lead
Mistakes, yes I will make yet those mistakes be mine
They be the mistakes of a leader as any leader will
Answers you demand, yet my answers you will not hear
Answers you will give but my vision you cannot see.

See my vision seek what I see, my mistakes will wane
See my mistakes and my vision you will never know.
We can unite in the mistakes you find or in the visions I see
My mistakes are of the past they cannot bring change
My visions are in the future there is where I lead.

Do you follow me into the future
Do I follow you into the past
For one will lead us to my mistakes
The other will lead us to my vision.


Anonymous said...

Most beautiful, for if I were to wallow in bitterness from the mistakes of the past, there lies the self pity and the hatreds found in blame. It so easy and it`s done so quickly, the point of a finger at another (though remember when one does this, there will always be four fingers pointing back to oneself). To stay stuck in one's place without efforts put forth, to begin to move ahead, only makes for the contentment and lazyness as one's comfort zone. I shall follow a leader and explore all avenues of growth. For I know as well, that even a Leader may error, though it is he which picks himself up once again, learns his lessons and carries on forth. I shall follow a leader; only then can I also have such a vision as You.

The Griper said...

while i appreciate your comments i would appreciate it even more if you had a name. i hate saying "hey you" when speaking to someone.

dcat said...

Some never get past anything!

I didn't do it wasn't there! So I ain't sorry! So don't blame me! Darn it.

It was the way it was can we go on now!?

I have a great life planned for myself and I am sorry that you are so miserable. Have a nice life! Because I sure will!

That is what I say to those fools griper. :)


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