Friday, January 04, 2008

A Mixed Economy

"Grandpa, my teacher said that we have a mixed economy, what does that mean?"

Grandpa just looked at me with a smile as he answered; " Tis a good question, boy, a question that most people never really think about but just accept without question because experts call it that.

What people usually mean by that is an economy that is a mixture of socialism and free enterprise. What they do not think about is the fact that it is the private sector that must financially support the socialistic sector of our economy. It is not capable of being self-supporting. We must remember that socialism is a zero sum form of economics. It never was meant to be a profit making form of economic system.

We must also remember that before you can have a mixed economy you must first have either a free enterprise form of economy or a socialistic form of economy. It is result of the perception of trying to eliminate the flaws within the economic system that lead to a so-called mixed economy. The problem that results is that it creates another perceived problem that needs addressing in regards to society.

Socialism was conceived out of the perception that the lack of money is the root of all evil while free enterprise is founded on the perception that money is the root of all evil. Both forms of economics rely on greed to promote their value of existence.

The difference being is that one form recognizes greed as a reality for its existence while the other form creates a false perception of compassion to justify its existence. This false perception of compassion is just another term for greed and its advocates are what a psychologist would call as being in a state of denial.

A mixed economy is not a form of economics as some would have you believe, boy. It is the recognition of a transitional period of change from one form of economics to the other form of economics. By conception it is an attempt to create a form of economics by taking the best, theoretically, of each form of economics to create the perfect form. This is shown by the fact that when the government tries to create programs to aid the poor there are those who seek to expand and impose that program to all of society.

A poor man is one with no money but possesses a friend.
A rich man is one who possesses money but is without a friend.
Which one possesses the greater wealth?"

With this said grandpa went back to work and left me standing there perplexed by his question. I have known many a man who has given up a friend in payment for the opportunity to gain the riches of this world. I have known many a rich men who were not willing to give up his money in payment for the opportunity of a friendship. But never have I known a poor man who was without a friend.


dcat said...

I am very rich with friends and consider you one Griper.

I got a good support going now with my neighbors. Its call respect.

They know they can count on me.

The Griper said...

he blushes at the compliment and i do consider it a compliment and a blessing that you would consider me as a friend.

Pam's Place said...

Griper, have you read The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes?

The Griper said...

no i haven't Pam. may I ask why you ask?

Anonymous said...

Griper, would you agree that our so-called "mixed" economy is moving towards Socialism?

The Griper said...

unfortunately, yes i would agree. there is a phrase for it also which you may have heard, "creeping socialism." but now a question for you, karen. socialism is an economic system not a political system. what form of government do you believe would be needed in order to support this new economic system?


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