Monday, December 31, 2007


Grandpa continued his little talk about labeling in regards to the sides taken in regards to the war.

"Once Congress has voted on a resolution giving the President authority to wage war against the enemy named in that resolution there is usually a time between the actual declaration and the time the President leads the troops into battle as directed. And with that time it brings up a question of law and constitutionality.

That question being; can Congress revoke that authority to wage war before the President actually begins to execute his given authority?

We know that Congress does not have the authority once the president has actually begun the execution of it. We also know that Congress has the authority to stop funding the war at any time thus forcing the President to give up the fight. But whether or not Congress can actually revoke the authority prior to the President’s execution I cannot say as a matter of fact. I see no reason why not but that would be speculation on my part.

The reason this distinquishment is important is because if my speculation is a fact then the other labels cannot be applied but being pro-war or anti-war still would be applicable for labeling the sides until the President actually executes the war. But one thing that can be known is that the other labels can be applicable one war has begun.

Once war has begun there can be only two outcomes, victory or defeat. There is no such thing as ties in war. The reason for this is the fact that there is no time limits placed on the length of wars. They are fought for as long as both sides are willing to fight in order to bring about victory and I emphasize the word victory here. I emphasize this word because to fight a war without intent of victory makes no sense. It is a waste of lives to fight a war with the intent of defeat. It is a waste of time and resources used to fight that war without the intent of victory.

Victory results when one side has given up the quest of victory. That is why I say that the loser determines the length of war and determines who the winner of that war is by surrendering. It is also why I say that to win a war is more costly than to lose a war, in both lives and money.

Thus, boy, once war has begun a person can either be an advocate of victory or an advocate of defeat for those who cannot call themselves pacifists. Each side will identify themselves by the arguments they use so it is not a matter of others labeling a person. It is the recognition of what a person is by his own arguments given.

One more thing, boy, be careful of the labels you use to identify a person. Labeling a person is not wrong, in and of itself but mislabeling that person is wrong. Label him in regards to the situation in question not to promote your own righteousness of position of the issue in question. To label a person inappropriately only exposes your own self-righteousness and arrogance. It also reveals your ignorance of the situation itself."

I just nodded slowly as grandpa finished but I was puzzled by his last words. Then I smiled for I knew that this would be another question to be answered another day.


dcat said...


Happy New Year Giper!

opal said...

Just a Happy New Year to You and glad to see you are well and yes, still very busy. Your site looks wonderful and is quite entailed. Sen. John McCain was in my neigborhood today for an hour or so, a friend of one of my neighbors. Had a question and answer period and was shown live on CNN tonight. Quite impressive.

The Griper said...

happy new year to you also, opal and dcat. i hope all of your resolutions for this year come true.


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