Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Grandpa feels so Shamed

Standing behind grandpa as he was debating an issue with another person in a blog he suddenly chuckled at what his opponent was saying and I asked; "What’s so funny, grandpa."

Grandpa just pushed his chair back and said; "You can learn a lot in a debate if you know what to look for, boy. And today I just got a college education from all I learned from this debate. Ahhhhh, the arrogance of my ignorance was so openly revealed" Then he went quiet and chuckled once more.

I learned today that we overthrew a government that was saving lives by preventing religious factions from killing each other. Here I thought we overthrew a government that was found guilty of committing crimes against the people of Iraq.

" I learned today that decisions made and recorded are not facts. What they are, I have no idea but they are not to be considered as a fact.

I learned today that even if we are victorious in the war against the insurgents in Iraq Geo. Bush would still be defeated by world opinion.

I learned today that if you cite a source for your argument it is your credibility that must be questioned before your source is acceptable. Here I thought you questioned the credibility of the source before an arguement was acceptable.

I learned today that if you praise a soldier for accomplishing his mission, that is stroking his ego. Here I thought it was giving him a compliment.

I learned today that the definition of an insurgency does not tell me the intent of the insurgent and that I have no idea of his intent. Here I thought he was defined as an insurgent because it declared his intent.

I learned today that the word lost depicts the end result of a future conclusion of a war not the end result of the conclusion of a past war as I was taught.

I learned today that refusing to continue a debate instead of answering an unsubstantiated allegation about myself is being cowardly."

Then grandpa just looked at me with twinkling eyes and then leaned forward, placed his head in his hands and mockingly whispered "Ohhh the shame I feel. How will I ever live this down"

I just chuckled.


The Griper said...

for those who would like to read the debate grandpa had it is here.
debate with pedro

dcat said...

You can only clean a window just so much for it to be clear enough to see for some.

I hope you had fun Griper ;)

The Griper said...

i always do in a debate, decat. lolol

Donald Douglas said...

Merry Christmas, Griper!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Griper. :-)

Merry Christmas!

The Griper said...

thank you karen. and a merry Christmas to you and the professor also. I hope that everyone found everything under the tree that they wished for.

Lista said...

The Interesting Thing about this Post, Griper, is that it is Sarcastic and is about False Accusations. It's not Really about "Shame". Your Labels "Ignorance" and "Mockery" are Referring to the Other Person, not your Grandpa. But the Label "Shame" Reflects a Sarcasm.

Oh Darn! For one Quick Minute, I actually thought that you were going to Post Something Humble.

This isn't really an Accusation, though, Unless of Course, you're Guilty. lol.

I'm only saying this because Humility is so Rare in Politics. Both Sides are Positive they are Right and it is Quite Rare that anyone Actually Really Listens to what their Opponent is Saying.

Republicans Complement Each Other and Democrats Complement Each other, but all that Republicans and Democrats do to Each Other is Argue, Insult and Accuse, yet both Sides are Guilty of this, not just one.

I'm not Implying the Guilt of anyone in Particular, though. I'm just Making a Generalized Statement.


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