Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Should We have invaded Iraq?

"Grandpa, should we have invaded Iraq?"

"Boy, whether or not we should have invaded Iraq is a question only God can answer because only He knows what would have happened if we had not invaded Iraq and overthrew the Hussein government. We can only deal with the problems that resulted from the invasion and hope it turns out for the best for the world and for the Iraqi people.

We can speculate on every decision we make in life as to what would be if only… but it serves us only as a lesson for next time. The only thing your grandpa knows is that we did invade Iraq and overthrew the government. With that we brought the first war with Iraq to an end. And in bringing it to an end a new era in Iraqi history was about to begin.

We can only hope that it was a good decision and from what I have read it sounds as if the Iraqi people are willing to take the risks involved that comes with self-government. If so, then I believe it worth while and that our men and women who sacrificed their lives to give them this opportunity will not have given in vain.

Did we invade Iraq without justification? The answer to that is no. We invaded for the reasons given by Congress to declare justification, per the authority and power given to Congress by the Constitution. We are still in Iraq because the Iraqi government, who constitutes the voice of the Iraqi people, requested that we remain and help them against the insurgency forces. And we have the blessing of the Security Council of the United Nations, which has knowledge of this request.

What the Security Council did condemn though was the use of terrorist tactics by the insurgent forces against the people of Iraq in an attempt to overthrow the present government as elected by the people of Iraq. From this we can see that those who claim that we are there in some illegal manner are not correct. This only leaves them their own ideology as a source of their claims.

And for those who already knew this also knows that the Security Council will reexamine the situation at the end of this month. And if they hope that a determination will come out of that against the United States then they hope for the impossible. In fact, the only outside force that can influence the decision of our remaining in Iraq or leaving Iraq is the Iraqi government itself.

Answer your question, boy?"

I just nodded as I smiled and said, "yes, grandpa, thank you."


dcat said...

Merry Christmas Griper! ^..^

colecurtis said...

I don't understand the context of your question. Please explain


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