Saturday, November 03, 2007

Explanation of Poll

As you will notice I have deleted my poll. I wish to thank those that voted and know that the rest of you that read the post also voted within themselves but just never publicly declared it. The poll had a purpose for I wished to see just how many persons agreed with the assessment declared of the President. The one piece of information I left out was that I never said which President.

I thought of the poll after reading a post entitled "Beheading the great Messiah" by Karen De Coster on Lew Here is the link to her post,

It was a post to commemorate the birthday of a past president, Abraham Lincoln. And if you notice I used her very words in my post, "Confusion" so unbeknownst to those who thought the accusations true of Bush was actually declaring their thoughts of another person as declared by De Coster, a President whom we honor each year.

Need I say more?


Mike's America said...

Hmmm... I'm curious about the poll. Sorry I missed it.

I don't find much in De Costers essay with which to agree. Lincoln saved the Union and without the Union the United States would never have the power to shield the rest of the world from darkness and evil.

The Griper said...


it was just a poll asking if people agreed with the accusations of the post "Confusion."

if you notice, i wrote it using her words. and they are same accusations that they make against Bush. thus i admit i was a bit misleading in the poll. lol

dcat said...

Ok griper,

I saw what ya did! ;)

dcat said...

:) Happy Thanksgiving to you too griper ;)


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