Monday, October 15, 2007

Moment of fun for Gramps

While in town one day getting supplies grandpa spotted an old political adversary of his and said to me;
"Boy, I feel like a good argument, think I will have a talk with my friend."

Then without waiting for a response from me he started over to him. I tagged along behind because it was always fun to listen to grandpa at these times. This what the two had to say;

"And what is the good news in regards to the war, my friend?"

"From the testimony of Mahdi we can learn the Bush Administration, in wishing to suppress the magnitude of corruption within the Maliki government,which amounts to a "second insurgency," is behaving as the ultimate phony patriots.Money and troop life and limb down a no-win rathole fighting for a corrupt to the core Iraqi government."

"Don't accuse another man of a dirty house unless yours is "perfectly" clean.

Next, in a country of elected leaders the matter of corruption is the business of the people of that country for they elected them not you. If they choose to elect corrupt leaders that is up to them just as it is the right of the people in our country to elect them and there are plenty of corrupt leaders in our government now. So, your accusation of corruptness to justify your position in regards to being "anti-victory" does not hold water and is known as an "excuse" not a reason.

Come back with good reasons and I’ll bet there isn't one of us in here that will not show you the respect you seek but do not deserve or are you just a little baby crying to get attention?"

"The corrupt Iraqi government isn't worth another American life, of course flag gazer, who cares so much about "his" kids, doesn't agree. "

"Then by your assessment of what a soldier's life is worth that must mean that our government and the people of this country are not worth the life of the American soldier either. There has never been a time in our history where our government was free of corruption.

The legacy of President U.S. Grant is that of corruption. Ask any southerner how free of corruption was the government after the Civil War. Or ask the Indian tribes about corruption.

And when you consider that this nation is a nation not of one government but of one government plus 50 governments that have pledged to unite in defense of each other regardless of the corruption found in any of them, that says it all.

So, my friend, clean your own house before calling another man's house dirty."

"Our government is plenty corrupt as well, but it isn't hopelessly trapped in a Green Zone with private militias pervading the GOP and Democrats as they do both the Sunnis and Shias.

Fold 'em and save the lives and bucks."

"Then by not answering my assessment you must support the fact that our government isn't worth defending by the loss of the life of a soldier.

As for the pervasion of GOP and democrats, by the lib’s standards, the democrats and GOP are pervaded by something worse than private militia; they are pervaded by the big oil concerns and big business corporations.

Besides, what is so bad about having private militias? We have them here too. The difference being is that, here, they are called security guards and, in fact, our constitution recognizes militias in the second amendment. Every state is guaranteed its own private militia. And every man has a right to hire his own private army if he so wishes.

As for being trapped in the green zone, I think you'll find it is far harder for a terrorist to get into and at the President of the U.S. then it is for that terrorist to get to the Prime Minister of Iraq. So, who is more trapped by your standards of entrapment ?

So, my friend, that makes it two things you have tried to avoid in your responses to me.

1. If corruption does not justify the loss of a soldier in Iraq then corruption does not justify it in the United States. In fact I’ll even go further by saying that by your standards no government or country is worth the loss of a soldier's life. For there is no government that exists that is free of corruption of some manner and that goes double for your beloved UN

2.clean your own house first before telling someone else their house is too dirty.

Gonna make it three?

You’re a loser my friend, not only on the battlefield but also in debate. The more you open your mouth the more of a fool you reveal yourself to be. You should have taken my advice in my first comment to you.

You possess the ideology of a child dependent upon his parents.
Your ideology is the ideology of death and our Constitution declares the ideology of Life.
You possess the ideology of dependency on government and our Constitution declares the ideology of independence from government.
Your ideology is the ideology of lost opportunity. The Constitution declares an ideology of opportunities to be had.
You possess the ideology of social manipulation. The Constitution declares an ideology of individual choice.
You possess an ideology of governance by world opinion. The Constitution declares an ideology of laws enacted by Congress, laws enforced by the Executive branch and determined constitutional by the Judicial branch of our government.
You possess an ideology of the idea of stability. The Constitution declares an ideology of the idea of freedom.
You possess the ideology of pity of the poor and envy of the rich. The Constitution demands an ideology that declares all be treated as equals by the government regardless of whether or not he be poor or rich. "

"Tell it to belatedly honest General Sanchez, you loser."

"Three strikes, you're out, my friend. And, my friend, if you noticed, I never hid behind the words of others to make my case as you so often do. I believe that is called, hiding under the skirts of a woman. "

Grandpa, with a big grin on his face, just turned his back on his friend and walked away. I just started skipping behind him, a big grin on my face also in pride.

The debate actually took place. The names have been changed in order to protect the so-called innocent. Also spelling and grammar mistakes corrected.

By the way, the answer to the riddle of the post ,,,What is it?,,, is a last name. Hope none of you who read it was tempted by a dirty mind. lol


Mike's America said...


And it does seem the "friend" here is channeling KKK Ken.

"our government and the people of this country are not worth the life of the American soldier either. There has never been a time in our history where our government was free of corruption."

Spot on!

dcat said...

? who me?! :D :D :D

The Griper said...

nahhhh, dcat, you have too beautiful of a mind to be tempted. lolol. think mr. dcat will agree.

he grins at mike, read the comments to your post, "phony Congress/phony patriots". it was was kkk in his own words. lolol i just rewrote it to fit the format of my site. starts about the ninth comment from bottom.


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