Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Politically correct

As I was reading in the Wikipedia in regards to what being politically correct meant it seemed that it had no real definition but depended on who was using it and when. And as I sat there befuddled grandpa came up behind me and looking over my shoulder at what I was doing and asked, “Make any sense to you boy?”

I just looked up at him and with a sheepish smile shook my head no.

He just patted my head and said, “Don’t feel alone, boy, your grandfather can’t make any sense out of the concept himself. First of all it really is an oxymoronic phrase. But even oxymorons have their uses. Words and phrases should be seen in accordance of its original intent and purpose. Once you know that it is easy to see if it is being used out of context of its purpose and more than likely to not use them as oxymorons.

Now days though, it is used primarily as a means to demean a person for hurting the feelings of another person. And those who attempt to abide by the principle only reveal their own arrogance and self-righteousness.

It is usually those with low self-esteem or those who have an inferiority complex who are being targeted when political correctness is the subject of conversation. What people do not realize is that by being politically correct that they are enabling those with low self-esteem to maintain that attitude towards themselves. It also reinforces that feeling in others. Those that abide by the concept only reveal their own superiority complex.

It does one more thing that people do not realize. It not only insults their own intelligence but it insults the intelligence of the targeted person. It is one of those concepts that can’t help demeaning a person in some manner. You will be either hurting the feelings of someone or you will be insulting their intelligence. And each of us must make that choice. The question then becomes, which is more important to us, not hurting someone’s feelings or insulting their intelligence?”

With that said grandpa just walked away from me leaving me with one question. If a person is not a politically correct person then what is he called?


dcat said...


I feel if you don't take time to know me then the hell with ya I don't need to hear about your crutch of excuses! Either you prove me wrong or go in a corner and curl up into a little ball.

A strong person doesn't give it no never mind griper. They just go off and say "Whatever!"

dcat said...

Um yes it does depend ;)

dcat said...

Political correctness does not count in war!!!

The Griper said...

it matters, dcat. it matters because until a name can be given to it "political correctness" has no counter arguement to oppose it.

and it may not count in war but if you think on it it is being applied in the case of war also. and it is in the application of political correctness that gives the enemy the advantage it has.

a person may that they are not politically correct but that only says what they are not. it doesn't say what they are. and a person needs to know what they are in order to defend themselves in regards to their stance on any issue.

we do so even on the issue of war. we call oursrlves "pro-victory" and on that we take a stance. he libs declare we are pro-war and every arguement they have is on that premise.

so, yes in my mind being able to identify yourself clearly on an issue is important.

The Griper said...

oops, can't spell tonight as I see.

another thing too. if we do not identify ourselves in regards to an issue that leaves your opponents to give you an identity and you know as well as i it won't be one that identifies you or me in a very truthful manner.

and if you reread my post that was the gist behind it.

The Griper said...

one more thing, dcat. i apologize if you took it as a negative viewpoint towards you. but you read it as intended you'd see that, in a manner of speaking, it was in defence of you not an attack.

dcat said...

Well ok griper you are forgiven then ;) :D :D :D

I'm really pissed that FOX didn't play that segment!!! WTF is that all about?! Ugh!

I think we should go dhimmy hunting! It's in the 2nd amendment!

We are slowly handing our country over to thugs! So yeah I will stand hard to the core!

I refuse to bow or even curtsy to thugs and benedict arnolds!

dcat said...

I guess I don't care much for fancy dancing around issues.

The Griper said...

wel i don't either when it comes to fighting. it has always been my contention that one must get down in the gutter with your enemy if you intend on fighting with him. what is important is what you come out of the gutter doing.

dcat said...


I plan to trip him and make him fall into that gutter!

I will not be in the gutter with him and I’ll make damn good sure he can never get out. Probably fill that gutter in to boot...all gone!

dcat said...

I wear a flag on my lapel. Do you?

Katie and Obama up yours!

The Griper said...

no,,i don't wear a flag on my lapel. can't salute it from there

dcat said...


Ok here I hope you can make a comment to this!

The Griper said...

he gazes upon the flag on her lapel, straightens up promptly clicking his heels, saalutes the flag that she wears, and as he does so, yells out smartly "yes, Ma'am.

dcat said...



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