Thursday, September 27, 2007


“Grandpa, I am confused now.”

Grandpa looked at me from across the table so that I might know he was listening with interest of what I had to say. And he took a sip of his coffee as I continued;

1. “People say that the President misled us into war.
2. They are saying that he is likened unto dictators.
3. People are also saying he has carved out a murderous campaign, maiming and the murder of innocent civilians in his war.
4. He has been called the darling candidate of the moneyed industrialists.
5. He is called the most evil, damaging, aggressive, abominable, and destructive President ever to defy American liberty.
6. He is accused of imprisoning thousands of people without due process of law. of the Constitution.
7. People also accuse Conservatives of not having the intellect to ask questions about the value of the war in Iraq. Instead, they are accused of absorbing just enough to make it into ignorant adulthood. They are chastised for not questioning the reasons given and told that if they did, they would have discovered that the President was a consummate con man, manipulator, and a power hungry politician.

is that true, Grandpa?”

With that said I went quiet and after a few Grandpa said to me;
“ Boy, i cannot answer that question. the only ones that can are people themselves. have you asked them?”

that question threw me for a loop and got me to thinking of just how many did agree with what I have said. Will you give me an answer in the poll above and maybe a comment if you feel a need to clarify your answer?


dcat said...

I don't watch CNN because they all are crazy! ;)

The Griper said...

he is amused now. what does cnn hae to do with my post or poll?

The Griper said...

hae=have, geez, getting up this early is scrambling my brain in spelling. lol

dcat said...

Um could it be they attack conservatives? Yeah I think that is it! LOL

The Griper said...

he laughs, boy, (or should i be politically correct and use the word, girl?) you are on a humorous streak today. lol

dcat said...

LOL it's the only way to be when loons are looming in the air...

It's best not to give em a chance!

Oh and I'm a woman! Get that strait!

I not only can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan!

I can kill it and skin it too!

OH can we go pour some pigs blood on those 60 thugs they got today?! PLEASE!?! :D :D :D

The Griper said...

with all due respect to you as a woman, dcat, pigs blood? think deeper than that and collect the monthly allotment especially for that. lolol "tsk tsk, naughty me" as i give myself a good spanking for thinking so grossly. lolol

dcat said...

Love it! LOL

BTW I just got your first comment! I hope you didn't think I rejected it!

That is liberal ass blogger for ya!


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