Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Time and a Day to Remember

Tis a day that be very special to those who know and understand the sacrifices of so many. Tis a day to remember those whose wisdom allowed us the freedoms we possess today. For without their sacrifices, for without their wisdom who can say what kind of country we would be this day.

So, I beg all that read this to take time out from your barbq's, take time out from your play and thank God, under whom we are one nation, for the privileges that he has bestowed upon each of us. Thank Him for the men who never knew what they died for but died that we might know.

We may be a nation divided this day but even in division we remain united under Him. We may be a nation divided in regards to the future but we remain united in regards to the past. And it be of the past we comemorate this day.

For today we remember the birth of this nation that we are so thankful to declare as our own. Many yearn for what we already possess. Many ache for the opportunities that we already possess. Many seek the liberties and life we already know. And many have sacrificed so that others may possess and know those same freedoms. Thank God that there be such men, thank God that there be such women.


Mike's America said...

I think we should celebrate Independence Week!

I get all worked up for July4th and bam! It's over in 24 hours!

At least with Christmas we have New Year's Eve to look forward to.

The Griper said...

and don't forget Easter. we have a week for that too even tho it no longer is celebrated as that. it is now called Spring break.


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