Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cindy challenges Nancy

Grandpa was reading his newspaper when all of a sudden he burst out laughing and saying "Go, girl, Go. I’m with you, 100%." As I looked over his shoulder he grinned as he pointed to a headline declaring that Cindy Sheehan had challenged Nancy Pelosi.

I just looked at grandpa with a very bewildered look on my face given my understanding of his viewpoint of the two women. He just grinned at me and said.

"Don’t worry, boy, I still feel the same of each in regards to their political viewpoints. But this is a bit different. After this last election the Democrats made a big ado about being given a mandate by the people. Apparently Cindy feels that one of those mandates was to impeach the President and demanded that Nancy begin impeachment proceedings.

Cindy gave Nancy until July 23 to meet that demand. Cindy also said that if Nancy did not meet those demands that she would defect from the Democratic Party and run against her in the next election as an Independent.

And given the accusations that Democrats have thrown at the President over the years it appears the Cindy is telling one of the leaders of her party to either put up or shut up. And that I admire. But that is only my opinion of her motive.

I have heard some say she would have no chance of winning the election if Nancy did not meet her demands and she ran to unseat her. But, boy, there I beg to differ with those folks. In a democratic system of government the only persons with no chance of winning are those persons who do not run for office. Another thing to remember, boy, you can’t win unless you willing to accept the possibility of losing.

One must remember that the odds of probability of winning or losing any election between two candidates are 50/50. What will separate the two candidates will be the margin of votes that one will win by. Any other declarations of odds are subject to opinion not fact.

And in this case whether or not Cindy would win can only be determined by the number of voters who agree with her in regards to this demand and how strongly they feel about it.

Whether or not Cindy Sheehan would win an election against Nancy Pelosi isn't relevant to me. What is relevant is the challenge itself. It will give the American voter a chance to see what one of the political parties is made of. That is what I want to know."

With this said he closed the subject by saying; "now, boy, shall we go into the kitchen and celebrate by having a bit of grandma's homemade ice cream she made today?"

I just smiled and nodded for grandma's ice cream was the smoothest and creamiest ice cream in the world.


Violence Worker said...

I have no doubt Sheehan will garner a few votes, but it's doubtful that she would unseat Pelosi. First of all, Pelosi is safe. She won with 80.4% of the vote. The green party garnered 7.6%.

It will be interesting, no doubt!

BTW, we could use some of grandma's ice cream out here!



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