Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Muslims Oppose Anti-Sharia Laws

Dave Agema, a state lawmaker, wants Michigan to join the trend of states banning "foreign laws," but Muslim activists say the effort is a thinly veiled attack on Islam.

Critics fear Sharia could supersede civil law and have an impact on divorce and child custody cases, and similar legislation has been introduced in 25 states.

"Agema … is a reflection of a segment of the GOP that is openly xenophobic and Islamophobic," said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Michigan chapter

More Here

More arguments here by a Democrat and the NAACP

To me a law like this is no more anti-Islamic than the laws of divorce is anti-Catholic since they do not recognize divorce in their religion or the laws on bigamy is being anti-Mormon.

In fact laws such as these could be interpreted as a pro-life stance that every American should support. By pro-life I mean anti-honor killing as practiced by some Muslim believers.

One more thought; if being anti-sharia is a segment of the GOP being islamphobic as the Dir. of CAIR has explicitly declared then he must also implicitly be declaring that a segment of the Demoocrats are pro-sharia law.  I wonder how many Democrats will openly admit to that?
what say you?


Tim Shey said...

You may want to read this sometime:

"Islam is Slavery"

The Griper said...

already have, Tim.


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