Friday, July 29, 2011

Psychology Doesn't Know as Much as It Thought It Did

Therapy sometimes did more harm than good and people were more resilient than expected, experts say.

Does make a person wonder just how many persons have been harmed by those so-called experts over the years that Psychologists thought they knew enough to apply their theories, doesn't it?

And what does this imply about the discipline of Sociology?

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buddeshepherd said...

Some of us already suspected this...

The Griper said...

and the left rely on these two disciplines to validate their ideology. said...

its hard to believe what some of these people we call professionals can do to us.. I have been to enough what they call councilors and that did she really help me with. I had to outgrow the anger I had by myself with no one but me..

dcat said...

I don't have a need for shrinks. I know liberals rely on shrinks all the time.

Yer right about making them worse.

The shrinks "well lets just say it's a liberals kind of flunky job".


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