Friday, October 09, 2009

Don't Blame Me for This One, Ladies

Now here is an article that grandpa told me to stay away from. And from the look I got from grandma I think I shoulda taken grandpa’s advice. It’s an article explaining why men who do not possess masculine features are the type of men some women look for now days. The reason is called the birth control pill. It also cites a couple of more problems relating to the pill also.


Anonymous said...

hmmm someone is definitely looking for trouble...hehe I see you did not loose your touch to get women reactions ...hope you you got protection padding ..I will think of you in this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend ..

The Griper said...

who,,,me, looking for trouble? How can a boy get into trouble when he is only trying to keep his guests informed? :)

happy thanksgivin, sha.

BB-Idaho said...

If our hormones run our lives, why do we have brains? :)

The Griper said...

if science is correct, maybe to give us the illusion that we run our own lives BB?

Karen K said...

Wow, this is really interesting, Griper. If you don't mind, I'd like to write about this as well (giving you a hat tip, of course).

The Griper said...

its all yours, karen. it'll be interesting to get a woman's viewpoint on this one. :)

AmPowerBlog said...

Orlando Bloom doesn't seem all that "effeminate" to me. A handsome guy.

tweetey30 said...

Never thought of it that way before. I never did any research before my husband and I got together and figured if we were a good match.. LOL.. sorry have to laugh a little bit at this one.

RaDena said...

After having three children I was on birth control pills for awhile but then quit taking them because it seems they really have bad side affects on me. But I've always been more attracted to men who looked like men than girly looking men. That's just me. Because I'm tall I like men taller than myself, and I like a man that looks as if he can protect me, although I'm pretty darned good at protecting myself.

I've always wondered if women who liked the girly looking men were actually closet lesbians? I hope no one is offended by that, but I'm being honest.


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