Friday, May 27, 2011

Problems with commenting on Blogger Sites

If you  are having problems commenting on sites using Blogger, don't feel alone.  there are many of us having the same problem.  I came across two solutions to this problem.
1. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser try using one of the others available.  I know that Firefox is one browser that solves this problem for me.

2. When you sign in do not check the box to remain signed in. That seems to solve the problem also even though it creates an hassle of the need to sign in every time.

If anyone comes across a better solution I think everyone would appreciate hearing of it. Leave your solution in comments and I will add it to the post for others to use also.

h/t to Gorges Grouse for the solutions here.

One of my valued commenters said that using the "name/url" option in the select profile menu box also works.  There may be one little problem with this option tho.  For you Blog owners, check out the spam section of your blog.  There may be comments there from those using this option.

h/t to Ralph over at "Mindless Ramblings" for this solution to the problem.


Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for the mention, Griper. As you know, however, it was my readers, not me, that made the suggestions. God bless 'em!

The Griper said...

yes, i agree, God bless them. Without our readers we blog owners would be nothing.

still have the "followers" problem yet too. said...

A friend of mine suggested we that use Internet Explorer update to what ever is the most updated. I have been having issues getting into blogs and more so since I switched blogs altoghether.

Ralph Goff said...

It also works to use "name url" in the select profile menu. That is what I have had to do lately when my google profile won't allow me to comment.

buddeshepherd said...

Firefox works well said...

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BB-Idaho said...

Good to hear...I was blaming 'operator error'..
me, screwing up again!

The Griper said...

as was I, BB until Gorges informed me he was having same problem. then everyone popped up saying the same thing.


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