Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beauty to be Enraptured by.


Lista said...

Too Bad when the Beauty that a Person is Enraptured by is on Scene, rather than in their Actual Real Lives. Relationships are More Important than the Appreciation of Distant Beauty. Caring about someone's Well Being is more Important than just Appreciating their Beauty. Your Focus on Beauty, Griper, Lacks Substance and Deep Down I Think you Know it.

The Griper said...

and its too bad that the girl didn't remember what was to occur that weekend and see the play on words.

Lista said...

All I meant was that Appreciating the Beauty of Movie Stars is Shallow and Empty. You do not Know how to Get Below the Surface. Even your Play on Words is Surface and therefore Shallow in Nature. If I Liked and Respected you more, I would have been more Focused on what you had to say that was more Light Hearted and Clever, but a Commitment to not Apologizing causes certain Negatives, such as Lack of Respect, to become Permanent.

The Griper said...

i live by the principles i have chosen to follow, lista, not by the principles as others try to impose on me. and the same thing applies to any apologies i offer. they will be offered when they are deserved as determined by my principles not yours or anyone else's.

you follow that same code so if you want to be treated as an equal then allow me the same right as you follow.

i allow you to abide by your principles thus allow me to abide by mine.

i don't expect you to abide by mine, thus you have no right to expect me to abide by yours.

Lista said...

"i live by the principles i have chosen to follow."

"you follow that same code."

Actually I don't. I Live by the Principles of God, not the Principles that I have Chosen. If you do not do the Same, then you should not be Calling yourself a Christian.

I'm not Imposing anything on you. I am Simply Pointing Out the Consequences, while at the Same Time, Warning your Audience about you. Some Principles Work towards Positive Ends and Others do not.

I am also Practicing Feeling Absolutely Nothing when I Talk to you, because I Consider you a Considerable Risk and I am Hoping that Others will be Careful as well.

I Do not Expect anything at all from you, Griper, except that you will Continue Acting like the Fool that you are. If we Expected Things from Each Other, then that would Make us Friends, but Friendship is no Longer what this is, for your set of Principles does not Lead to Friendship. I Only Come Back because I am Concerned about your Audience.

The Griper said...

you abide by the principles of God as you have chosen to interpret His principles just like everyone else who considers themself as a Christian. that is a fact of life.

and I have not declared that "we" were friends as you have so blatently declared in one of your posts on you site. so, it is not me that is misleading people, it is you.

as for the consequences of my principles i am well aware of the possibilities of them. but the question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you are aware of the consequences of your own principles?


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