Saturday, April 23, 2011

If You're a Politician, Should Cheating End Your Career?

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The above title is the title of an article I ran across today. Here is the link to the Article.  While the article gives no definite answer to the question the answer can be said as implicit. And based upon the premise the author seeks to use, the answer might be considered as obvious. But I'll ask the question using a different premise from the one used.

Marriage is a commitment and the basis of this commitment is found in the vows of that each person  have espoused to the other person. Taking a seat in government is another commitment that some of us will make in our lives. And before we are allowed to call ourselves a representative of the people or a representative of a State we must also take a vow of office.

The question then becomes;

Marriage is probably the most important commitment a person can make in their lives. If we think so little of the vows we have taken in regards to marriage then how can we be trusted to take the vows of the office of government seriously?


BB-Idaho said...

Being a bit naive, I tend to hold those in public life, be they politicians or religious leaders (movies stars are notorius cheaters by default) to high moral standards.
...and I've been disappointed by both groups.

The Griper said...

and i bet it is because you hold yourself to these moral standards also. am i right, my friend? :)

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

FDR, JFK, and Ike all cheated on their wives. While I know that the 1st one continues to be a lightning rod, I don't think that it's necessarily controversial to say that the latter 2 enriched our nation.

The Griper said...

then you have Clinton who cheated on his wife and not only was impeached but was disbarred for breaking another oath.

BB-Idaho said...

It must go with the territory; John Edwards-presidential wannabee, cheated on his wife who had cancer, Ditto: Newt Gingrich, cheated on his wife when she had cancer,
John McCain, numerous affairs, leaving his wife after she was badly injured in a car wreck.
Eliot Spitzer, caught with a hooker. Perhaps 'power corrupts' bears on the moral code as well. Another possibility
may be risk-taking, the
excitement of getting away with something...sort of a given for politicians.
..and just for kicks, we
need recall the shenigans of the Christian ministry
..and I think we agree that
some seem to get away with it and continue on their
merry way.

The Griper said...

good points, BB. and i do believe you may be on to something when you associate power with morality here too. that is a thought worth pondering about.


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