Friday, April 29, 2011

Here is a Challenge, A Challenge That No Liberal Can Afford to Turn Down

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So, some politicians advocate taxing the rich more than they are already taxed. Well, the hilarious part of this is the fact that nobody pays taxes willingly and that includes liberals. Myself, I would have to question the sanity of anyone who would say that they pay their taxes willingly. And if you raise the rate of taxation on some people are they going to pay their taxes more or less willingly than they do now? Let's see how willingly the rich pays their taxes at the rate now. How many of them are avowed liberals? Click on the picture for the link.

And we must admit one more thing. These persons are but a few of the rich who could afford to pay their taxes but didn't. And we can say that they only paid their taxes because they got caught not paying them. There is no doubt in my mind that there are many more persons such as these who are just as guilty of tax evasion but just have not been caught for some reason or another. I would further propose that tax evasion occurs not only in the class of the rich but that it occurs in every class of taxpayers.

As anyone who lives by a budget knows, taxes is an expense item just as any other expense item listed in that budget. Yet when it comes to paying that expense it has the lowest of priorities in our lives. We are far more willing to pay any other expense than we are of taxes. What is it about taxes that we give it our lowest priority?

I think that there are as many reasons for it as there are persons to take on this question and place an answer to it. My take on it can be summed up with three thoughts. Those thoughts being;

It is the one item in our personal budget that we do not perceive as a necessity to sustain our individual Life. It is the one item in our budget that we perceive as going against every principle of the meaning of personal Liberty. It is the one item in our budget that is an obstacle in our personal Pursuit of Happiness.

And I'll add one more reason. It is the one expense item that is imposed upon persons rather than accepted as a result of a agreement between two parties. It is the only expense item that a person could end up in prison for not paying even if it means not paying some other more important expense.

Here is my challenge to every liberal in the nation. If you honestly believe that raising taxes on the people is the right thing to do then do it.  If you honestly believe that raising taxes on the people is being fiscally responsible then do it. If you believe that raising taxes is abiding by the will of the people then do it.  But be willing to raise them high enough so that tax revenues equal expenses of the federal and state governments as well as the local governments each and every fiscal year. Then raise them a bit more to start paying off the debts of this nation.

Let's see just how fiscally responsible it turns out to be. There is no excuse for not doing it if you really believe that is the way to go. If you do not than everything you promise, every word you say is nothing but empty rhetoric and shows that your ideology has no merit.

Just an added thought that I might pass along to all that I have challenged.  If it is additional revenue that is needed to balance the budget and to pay off the debt of the government then it must come from somewhere and someone.  As we see the rich will try to get out of paying it and unless we do raise taxes then the burden must fall upon our children.  Let's hear what they have to say about taking on the burden of the debt.

So, what say you, my liberal friends?  Do the youth of our nation give you even greater incentive to do what you think is right by raising the taxes on the people?

A h/t to "The Conservative Girl" for the video.


BB-Idaho said...

Ya know, Griper...I've been patiently waiting for
someone to write that they
love paying taxes. (guess I'll have to check back in
5 years)!! :)

The Griper said...

i'd be happy just hearing someone tell me that it is the right way to show fiscal responsibility and why they thought so. and when they did was willing to answer any question in regards to that belief.

BB-Idaho said...

Whenever there is a tax discussion, I haul out my handy-dandy 'History of US Federal Marginal Income Tax Rates since 1913. We note that when the country
was in trouble, eg. WWI, WWII and the cold war, these were much higher than they are now. For
example in 1953, the low
rate was 22.2% and the top rate was 92%; we now pay
10% and 35% respectively.
In addition, we have the age old argument over WHAT
the taxes are spent on...and we note that there have been huge deficits, especially during and after WWII, which were paid down one way or the other.
IMO, the taxes which
have really skyrocketed are the 'hidden' ones which add to our tax burden
..which I measure by the price of a can of Prince Albert Pipe tobacco. Back in college, I paid $4.35 for this sinful delight;
now $35.98. Sure, tobacco
has gone up, but the fed tax is $19 and the state tax is $12. Leaving the
actual tobacco price, even with 40 years inflation,
at $4.98! Then, our county wanted a new jail
a couple years back. We voted any increase down of course. So they simply raised our local sales tax
using some bizarre legal
excuse. Crikey, Griper..
I hate even thinking about the subject!!

The Griper said...

i grant everything you say, BB. and i'll add one more thing to what you
have said, namely those hidden taxes you talk about.

those hidden taxes is a ig example of what makes the liberal line of thought self-contradictory and misleading. those hidden taxes are promoted as taxes on the rich. a sales tax actually is a business tax by definition.

the only thing is that the law allows this tax to be passed onto the consumer. thus while it is a tax on business it is the consumer that actually pays it.

you example also is exactly why the tax code needs to be simplified. if government can't their way by one means then they'll get their way by another means. and we, the taxpayer, gets screwed no matter what.

then he chuckles as he adds this one more comment. you know BB, you may consider yourself a lefty, politically but you really are a righty like me when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it.


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