Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beauty Served up Italian Style, Tantilizing and Spicy


Lista said...

She Looks a Little Like Sophia Loren,or did I just Find a Look Alike Actress on the Web?

The Griper said...

you got it, lista. that's sophia.

Lista said...

She is the Actress that Played in the Movie "Grumpy Old Men", or Actually the Sequel, "Grumpier Old Men", in Which she Stared with Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon and Ann Margret. Walter Matthau was a Real Kick in "Dennis the Menace", Staring with Mason Gamble (as Dennis), Joan Plowright (Mrs. Wilson), Lea Thompson & Robert Stanton (Dennis' Parents). Matthau, of course, was Mr. Wilson; So Funny. lol.

I don't Know if Naming some of these Actors by Name is going to Help me to Remember them. But I Thought it was worth a Shot. Trivia is sooo not my Specialty.

Your Second Picture of Sophia also Reminds me of Someone in "West Side Story", but I Can't Figure Out who because what Ever Look Alike I'm Thinking of did not Play a Main Part. I would have to See a Picture of the Entire Cast in Order to Figure that One Out.

In that Movie, Natalie Wood was the Star, along with Richard Beymer. Natalie is a Very Pretty Lady, that I just Recently Discovered was also the Child Star in "Miracle on 34th Street". Actually, you Know What. Richard Beymer is not Bad Looking either.

The Griper said...

i wouldn't know lista. i never saw either one of those movies.

as for west side story i saw it but do not remember any of the characters.

Lista said...

I Liked your Disney Duets. Very Nice.

What Kind of Movies do you Like, Griper?

The Griper said...

old musicals, adventure, westerns

Lista said...

I Like Old Musicals and Adventures. Westerns I don't Care for that Much. I also Like Romance and Comedy. I Even Like Something that My Husband Thinks is so Silly. Even though we have no Kids, I Like some of the Silly Animated Children's Films. said...

I need to go watch Grump Old Men now to see if I can figure out who this is..LOL.. Is she the one that fell in love with the one man? or the new neighbor?? or the daughter of the one older man? Not sure.. Well I have some things to do but I will check this out in a bit. You have my curiosity up now.. LOL

Oh by the way this is tweets.. just changed my blog to . not using the other one any longer.

Lista said...

Actually, Tweetey, or is it now Treeetiebird,
She is not in the first One, "Grumpy Old Men", but in the Sequel, "Grumpier Old Men". In the First Movie, One Of the Old Men Got the Girl, in the Second Movie, Sophia became the Girl Friend of the Other One (Walter Matthau), so they Each had a Girl Friend.

Look Sophia Up on the Wikipedia for Pictures that are more Current. said...

Lista its actually nbrsspot. not tweety at all anymore.. and thank you for clarifying this for me. I havent seen the second one in ages.


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