Saturday, March 05, 2011

Beauty of Thought and Mind


Lista said...

And How do you show a Women, Griper, that you Appreciate her Mind?

The Griper said...

the answer to your question is simple, lista.

in the same manner as i do anyone, by not presupposing that i am right and they are wrong before ascertaining whether or not their ideas are already incorporated into my ideas on issues. that way any conclusion i may come to is not prejudiced by my own ideas on the issue.

if they aren't incorporated then it forces me to think a little deeper of my own ideas to ascertain if my ideas are still consistent with the added knowledge.

Lista said...

She Smiles. You Make Everything Sound so Complicated, Griper. Wouldn't it be just as Easy to Simply Pay her a Complement?

Seane-Anna said...

Hi Griper! Thanks for informing me about BloggerBuster. I will look at the site and hope to find a cool template for my blog. And thanks for putting Sinistra's Bane in your blog list. Happy blogging!

The Griper said...

i will if i have learned something new that is beneficial to my ideas, lista.

Lista said...

Well, you know, Griper, since you have Stated Very Plainly in a Comment Below an Earlier Post, "Human Beings with all of their Differences and Inequalities of Nature (Part 4)", February 17, 2011, that you do not Believe in Equality, I find this Post to Be a Bit of a Hypocrisy, for to Treat anyone as anything less than an Equal is an Insult to the Intelligence of the One who is Treated as Inferior.

That is not to Mention the Hypocrisy of Believing in Freedom in America, yet not Believing in the Freedom of the One who you Rule Over as Less than an Equal.

I Imagine that as you Form New Friends, they will View me as Someone who just Likes to Pick on you, yet if Only They Knew what's Really True.

The Griper said...

yup, i did, lista and i am consistent by standing by both statements also.

Lista said...

You don't Even Know What Hypocrisy is, Griper. You can Contradict Yourself and not Even Flinch while Doing so. I Don't Know. Maybe you're Starting to get a Little Senile. Well, at Least your Contradictions are Very Public Now, so that no One will Be Deceived, yet if you Think you are going to Win the Love of a Female while Openly Admitting that you do not Believe in Equality..., Well, Personally, Griper, I Think you are Living in a Dream World, but Good Luck. You Lost my Respect a Long Time Ago.

The Griper said...

since it is apparent you know my thoughts better than i do so as to declare i cannot reconcile my words, lista then there is nothing more to say, is there?

Lista said...

I'm not Trying to Read your thoughts, Griper. I'm just Evaluating the Words you have Spoken and Others can do the Same. To me, being Treated Like someone who is Less than, rather than Equal to Yourself, is a From of Disrespect towards what you have Called the "Beauty of Thought and Mind."

Others are Free to Come to Different Conclusions then that if they Choose to, but What Makes you so Sure that they are not going to Agree with me after Evaluating the Same Words and thus Coming to the Same Conclusion that I have. If you Feel no Need to Defend yourself, then so be it and What ever Misunderstandings Result from that Decision are your Consequences, not Mine.

We aren't Alone any More, Griper. Do you Really Think that my Thinking Processes are so Irrational that Others are not going to Evaluate your Words in the Same Way?


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