Friday, March 18, 2011

Beauty of Strength and Defiance


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'd pick up dog crap for Barbara Stanwyck.

Lista said...

Hmmmmm. Now that's an Interesting Title.

You Know, Griper, I Wish I had more Time to Comment on your Blog. My Blog has Actually been Surprisingly Busy. I Probably Could have done an Entire Post in Response to your Woman on a Cross Post, Three Posts Down from This One. I've been Debating about it, but don't know how the Rest of my Audience would Take to it because it is about Power Struggles and the Roles of Men and Women in Marriage, using Scripture to Express my Ideas.

My Current Audience is Actually more into Politics and they aren't that Religious, or at Least not Christian. There are Several Atheists, Mixed in with Several other Religions. Religiously Speaking, it's a Rather Mixed Group. Actually, Politically Speaking, it's a rather Mixed Crowd as well.

It's Funny, cause Every Time I Post about something Spiritual, there are not Many Comments. They all Fall Quiet Like they don't know what to say.

Should I Post about the Power Struggles between Men and Women? Gee! I just don't Know. I may not be Quite Defiant Enough to Take such a Daring Risk like that.

Lista said...

You See There? The Response of "Take no Prisoners". Now THAT is Beautiful. I didn't Realize when I First Saw that, what a Gem that was.

It would be Good, though, if we could Break Free from Any Black and White that we might have. One Might Say, "Submission and the Desire to Please is Beautiful" and Another Might Say, "Strength and Defiance is Beautiful", yet why should it have to be One or the Other?

I'll Tell you what is Beautiful. What is Beautiful is when BOTH People are so in Love, that they are Willing to Pick Up Dog Crap for Each Other. Now that is Truly Beautiful. Thanks TNP, Hart. YOU are Beautiful and I Absolutely Love your Comment.

This Would be a good Place for an Icon that is Blowing Kisses. Don't have that!? Oh well. How About a Cute Little Kitty? At Least I Hope that's what it Looks Like. :)
-8-8-----(( Prrrrrrrrrrr

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

You should check her out in "The Lady Eve" and "Ball of Fire". She plays with Henry Fonda and Gary Cooper as if they were dog toys.


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