Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty of Fire, Beauty of Wind


Lista said...

Hi Griper,
I have no Idea What you Mean by your Title this Time. I Guess Fire is Passion and I Guess also that sometimes the Wind will Put Out the Fire and all that Remains is Apathy.

On the Other Hand, if your Passion is for an Actress, this may never Die because it is not a Real Relationship.

I don't Know Most of these Older Actresses. I Know that I've Seen most of them, but I can not Name them. This One Might be more of Elizabeth Taylor, but I'm not sure.

The Griper said...

maureen o'hara, lista. she was in a lot of films with john wayne and played his wife with a firey irish temper and passion.

they usually a played a couple who did not have a meeting of the minds but knew that their hearts belonged to the other.

Lista said...

Oh. I Guess then that I would Understand your Titles more if I Understood who these Actresses are. Now that you've Said that, though, I do Recognize her as someone who Played with John Wayne. Interestingly, Most of the People I Know who Idolize John Wayne are Men, not Women.

From my Experience with the People I've Talked to and Known, the Continuous Lack of the "Meeting of the Minds" can Lead to a Sexless Marriage. Real Life is not always the Way it is Portrayed in the Movies. I have Also Discovered that Anger that is Never Appeased Eventually Turns to Apathy and the Only Way to Rekindle the Fire is by the Offering of an Apology.

It has Often been Said that the Sweetest Romance of All Occurs when two People Finally "Make Up". How does this Happen? It Happens by Apologies, Followed by Forgiveness.

If you don't Mind, I Think I'll Repeat a Few Things that I have just said in my Earlier Comment, for Sometimes the Wind will Indeed Put Out the Fire and if your Passion is for an Actress, this may never Die because it is not a Real Relationship.

There was also One Other Thing that I just Finished Saying to Someone on my Own Blog. Oh Yeh...

When I was Responding to Will Take no Prisoners, Hart, Three Posts Down and Complementing him for being Willing to Pick Up Dog Crap for Barbara Stanwyck, I was Later Wondering if he would also be Willing to "Scoop it Up for someone who you Actually Know, who is not an Actress? That's were the Rubber Meets the Road, you Know."

And Also,

"Beauty is Only Skin Deep and the Passion that is Produced by Skin Deep Beauty is a Shallow Passion that will not Last."

I Guess this would be a Really Good time to Add that if a Person's Ideas about Relationships Come from Hollywood, they will Believe in a lot of Wrong Information, that does not Work in Real Life.

Sorry that I'm such a Realist, yet that's just who I am. It is Important to Remember that Hollywood and Reality of Two Different Things.

The Griper said...

Will responded to what you said, did you read his response?

as for beauty, yes it is only skin deep until you start looking into the soul of a person and find its beauty.

as for anger, you have your thoughts on it, i have mine. and from my experience unjustified anger can never be appeased and aplogies only serve the purpose of creating the impression that the anger was justified.

as for the difference between hollywood and reality is the fact that hollywood is scripted and reality is not.

some might even say that hollywood is a portrayal of life that abides by the principle of determinism while the reality of life was meant to abide by the principle of free will.

Lista said...

Any Person who is Reluctant to Take the Blame for anything is Going to Perceive all Anger at Oneself as Unjustified and lots of People are that Way. Not All Anger is Unjustified, though. In Fact, it Never Rises Out of a Vacuum. There is Always something that Triggers it. I am not an Irrational Person, so when I'm Angry, there is always a Good Reason.

Hollywood Focuses more on the Happy Ending, then on any Quest to be Realistic. Women are Paid to "Act" as if they Love the Characters that they are Paired Up with, even if such a Character Fails to Treat them with Respect.

Also, Comedy is Designed to Help us Laugh about that which is Negative in Life and the Reason for this is that the Laughter Helps to Ease the Pain. To Accomplish this Laughter, that which is Negative is Sometimes Exaggerated. The Positive Side to this is that it Causes Laughter. The Negative Side to this is that if these Exaggerations are Applied to Real Life, the Results can Actually be Destructive.

In Relation to John Wayne and Maureen O'Hera, when Men Watch this, they Think that the Negative is the Hot Irish Temper of the Lady. When Women Watch the Same Thing, though, they see the Negative as the Disrespectfulness of John Wayne's Character. Both Sexes Laugh at the Conflict because in Real Life, Conflict is Painful.

The Goal in Real Life, though, should Never be to Produce More and More of the Negatives that Make us Laugh when we Watch Movies.

Lista said...

John Wayne Generally Plays a Guy who is not Very Romantic, does not Know how to Talk about his Feelings, is Proud and who is even Disrespectful at Times. For him to Be Someone's Role Model as to How a Man should Behave towards Women is not a Good Thing.

Are there a Lot of Men who are this Way? Yes, of Course there are, but to Simply Make the Statement that "That's just the Way Men are." is no Less of a Cop Out, than to Say "Boys will be Boys.", while Failing to Discipline Bad Behavior.

In a Way, your Idea about Determinism is Correct, for any Time in which we Say "That's just the Way Men are.", or "Boys will be Boys." and Fail to do anything About these Bad Behaviors, it is an Act of Assuming that these Behaviors can not be Changed, yet this is not so. In Reality, Discipline does Change Bad Behavior in Boys and Men Can be more Loving and also more In Touch with their Feelings if they Try. To Believe Otherwise is a Cope Out to Avoid Striving to become Better as People.

Another Disrespectful Man is the Main Male Character in My Fair Lady. In my Opinion, the Lady was a Fool to Go Back to him, but she did so because Hollywood is more Interested in Happy Endings, than in what would Make more Sense in Real Life.

And then there is Archie Bunker. lol. Well, you Get the Idea.

Yes, I did Read Take no Prisoners’ Response.

The Griper said...

well, she has finally revealed to all just how much of an absolutist and extremist she really is in spite of her claims of moderation.

i need to say no more. thank you lista for the lesson well taught.

Lista said...

And just How does my Above Comment Show Evidence of Absolutism? I don't See it. That is a Foolish Comment.

The Griper said...

you're absolutely right. lista, any words i have to say that you may disagree with are always foolish.

like i said, a lesson well taught, thank you.

Lista said...

In Reality, Griper, your Own Life will show you what is Foolish and what is not. It's just like it has Often been Said, "The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again Expecting Different Results".

Once you have yourself a Long Term Girlfriend, and Preferably someone who will agree to Stay with you for Life or in Other Words, a Wife, that is when I will Believe that your Romantic Philosophy can Actually Work. Until then, what you are doing does not Appear to be Working.

Remember, you were the First one to Call my Words Foolish. In Fact, if I Remember this Correctly, it was Questions that you Called Foolish, so Tell me this. How can I be a Responsible Listener, if when I ask Questions, those Questions are Considered Foolish?

Perhaps it would have been Better if you had Considered my Words Foolish Instead, so that it didn't Make your Claim that it is the Listeners Responsibility to Ask Question into a Hypocrisy.

Further more, I do not Believe that a Person who Believes in a Few Absolutes is an Absolutist. A True Absolutist Thinks entirely in Absolutes and does not Comprehend anything in the Middle in Relation to anything. That is more a Description of you than of me.

The Griper said...

Since you stated your belief, i'll state mine.

I believe that truth is absolute. since it is an absolute then it will not tolerate being compromised.

since every one of my beliefs is dependent on the above being true then if it is proven false then none of my beliefs has any meaning to me or anyone else.

now, i cannot think of a more extreme position to be on any issue than that.

i have nothing more to say, lista.

Lista said...

There you go. The True Absolutist has Spoken. I Believe that some things are Absolutes and Some are Relative. The Best Way to Explain this is by the Example of the Sun Rising and Setting at the Same Time in Two Parts of the World.

Two People are Arguing on the Phone about rather the Sun is Setting or Rising and Based on their Location on the Earth of each of them, they are Both Right. The Only Thing that is Absolute is the Fact that the Earth Orbits the Sun and also Rotates, but Rather it is Rising or Setting is Relative to the Location on the Earth.

As Long as you do not Have the Ability to Think Outside of Blacks and Whites, you will not Understand that Reality does not have to be All Absolute, or All Relative. Both can be True at Once. I Wish so Badly that you Could Understand what I'm Saying, but you do not Appear to be Able.

The Griper said...

if that is an example of your relative truth i will only say that you have affirmed my belief of truth not yours.

if that is an example of relative truth then you also believe that the earth is flat and that the earth is the center of the universe.

the reason being is that fact that all three beliefs are dependent on one factor, the mind's acceptance of the illusionary effects of the nature of the universe as a fact rather than an illusion.

that is all a relative truth is, presenting an illusionary effect as being a fact of life.

so, lista, i do understand what you are saying. i just do not accept it. and your comment is the best example yet of why i do understand but do not accept.

Lista said...

I told you that you would not Understand. I have in no Way Expressed a Belief that the Earth is Flat, nor that it is the Center of the Universe.

Ok, Now let me Apply what I've Said and what you have said about Relative Truth, to Relationships. The Man Says that the Anger of a Women is Irrational (Relative, One Sided, ILLUSIONARY Truth), and the Woman says that Men are Proud and Disrespectful. The Absolute Truth; Men and Women are BOTH Supposed to Learn from One Another. This Includes the Men, Griper, not just the Women.

I Thought you were Done Talking, Griper. Aren't you Tired yet?

The Griper said...

what you have described are three different issues not just one issue as illustrated by your example of a relative truth.

issue 1
is the anger irrational and the answer is yes or no.

issue 2
is the man being proud and disrespectful by his stance on the issue and the answer is yes or no. and this will only be determined by the truth of the first issue.

issue 3 both are to learn from each other.
i have stated more than once that i agreed with this. and i have also stated that what is learned may not be what one person wishes for the other to learn.

your problem be is that you expect me to learn to accept your way of thinking so that we may be compatable in our mind set of a world view.

and you believe that just because i do not accept your way of thinking that i do not understand.

you find yourself comforted by assiciating with those whose thinking is compatable to yours.

thus, you try to convince everyone you associate with that your way of thinking is superior to theirs if they are apposed so as to create compatability.

i, on the other hand, have said many times that i do not expect you to learn to accept my way of thinking.

i do not expect it from women nor do i expect from men.

and it is this idea that defines me as an individual as i proclaim in my profile.

and it is from this idea that i seek not to convince others but only to inspire deeper thought into their own ideas as i declare in my profile.

it is from this idea i can declare i respect the beliefs of others even tho i may disagree with them.

the fact that you believe that my ideas as being destructive doesn't make what you believe a fact of life.

are there flaws in my way of thinking? of course there are. i admit it. but just because there are flaws doesn't automatically declare them as destructive.

and it doesn't mean i need to submit to someone else's way of thinking when those flaws are exposed.


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