Sunday, February 06, 2011

What is the American Dream? Can You Tell Me?

Politicians and political pundits are always speaking of the “American dream” but there is one thing I’d like to know. Exactly what is this American dream everyone speaks of? What is this dream that is suppose to be the promise to all who seek to live in this nation? Can anyone really tell me? Is it something so unique that it can only be fulfilled in this nation or is it the dream of everyone regardless of nation?

I guess if I wanted to know I could do an opinion poll but how would I do that without imposing my own viewpoint upon the responses and that I do not want to do. So, I guess the only way to find out is to ask the question and see what the response is in comments. All that I ask is that each who wishes to answer the question to give it some thought first. The only other criteria is to have your answer before entering into comments so that the answers of other will not influence your own answer. So, my friends;



Lista said...

The Dream of a Person may not be the Same as the American Dream, for the American Dream often Refers to the Accumulation of Money.

Constitutionally, it is Probably Considered the Pursuit of Life Liberty and Happiness, which is Actually a Better Definition because this Causes us to Ask Ourselves what Makes us Happy and for Everyone, the Answer to that Question will be Different.

To me, I Simply Want to Make some Kind of an Impact on my World. My Contribution, though, does not even have to be Material. It just has to Matter to Someone that I have Existed and Ideally that should Reach Beyond just the Family, for when My Husband is the Only One who Knows or Cares that I Exist, that Feels Empty.

What I am Saying Goes Beyond "Submission" and "People Pleasing"; two Concepts we have Discussed in the Past. I Don't just What to Please People. I Want to Have an Effect on their Lives.

Thanks for Asking this Question, Griper. It is the Evidence I've been Looking for that you Care about what Matters to Other People.

Here's a Question for you. Should One Person's American Dream Cost Someone Else theirs, or Put another Way, should what Matters to One Person Over Shadow what Matters to Someone Else?


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