Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Education and Its End Results, A Tale of Failure?

The ball and chain of Ignorance
 You hear the argument a lot by liberals that conservatives seek replace science and to impose theology upon this nation. What are your viewpoints in regards to these statistics about a nation?

A third of the people of this nation believe that the solar system revolves around the earth.

55% of the people of this nation believe that all radioactivity is man-made.

29% of the people of this nation believe that man roamed the earth at the same time as the dinosaurs.

Sounds as if this is a nation that has imposed theology upon its people and ignored science in its educational system, doesn't it? Even I was surprised at these figures when reading about them. Gave me a moment of pause when evaluating the educational system of this nation. Have you any guesses as to which nation these statistics refer to? The answer may surprise you. The answer is here
Forget all of the chemical poisons. Get out the vacuum cleaner. Flea Cleanup


amanofwonder said...

"A third of the people of this nation believe that the solar system revolves around the earth."

Well now, studied stats in college way back when and the only conclusion I can draw from the science of human nature iz, just about 99% of the folks I have come into contact believe the world revolves around them, so social science blew that stat.

"55% of the people of this nation believe that all radioactivity is man-made."

Well iffen most folks stopped and thought about the science of creation they just might understand there is nothing new under the sun and it has always been there we just found ways to unleash it for good or evil.

"29% of the people of this nation believe that man roamed the earth at the same time as the dinosaurs."

Well don't know much about that pie in the hole chart and can only say, once they find dead man's bones that are carbon dated with the T-Rex or Tricerotops I will believe that myth and Johnny Depp will make anudder sequel of the Disney bottom line fantasy. But then, I ask the definitive question, if scientists are using carbon to date the history of weather it blows one way or another, maybe global warming is their fault for using so much of it?

This statement iz a good one!

"WANT TO GET RID OF THE FLEAS IN THE CARPET? Forget all of the chemical poisons. Get out the vacuum cleaner."

Better ideer, put in hardwood floors. The house I live in did fourty years ago and no fleas have been found in the renewable resourses that last.

Yep I got schooled in school, but I will always come back to statistics and state Creationalism and Evolution are brother and sister. In the start a big bang occured, the realization iz that we can't explain it, we just gotta live it in best way we can. We grow, we learn and hopefully understand most life forms on this earth, we depend upon, need carbon. If we don't learn, fleas will be the sustenece we pick outta the vacuums of common sense we have to eat. But by then we have no affordable electricity to suck up nutricition.

Dang that asprin that originated from willow trees sure made my head hurt less to comment agin.

The Griper said...

yup, i'm in agreement with ya. it is creationism and evolution not creationism or evolution.

BB-Idaho said...

Soviet education: such scientific teleologies as
Lysenkosim set back their work
in genetics 50 years. Always happens when politics trumps science...

Lista said...

Hey! The Black and White, Man of Wonder is still Around and Following the Griper. I Hope you have been Following the Comments below the "Human Beings with All their Differences" Series a Couple of Posts Below. My Mention of Co-Dependency is an Example of how Black and White, in the Context of Extremes, does not Work too Well. When ever I Talk to Griper about Black and White Subjects like that, I always Think of you.

You Make me Chuckle with your Comment about the Common Belief that People have that the World Revolves Around Them. So True and that is a Good Description of a Co-Dependent Taker. Read the Comments below the Posts in the Series I Mentioned if you want to Understand what I Mean, Especially the Last one in the Series.

Come to Think of it, you Make me Chuckle Often; Carbon Dating Relating to Global Warming. You're such a Riot!! lol.

Not in the Mood for an In depth Creationism/Evolution Debate just yet. I Guess the Only Thing about Darwinism that is really Offensive is their Belief in "RANDOM" Chance. What that Actually Means is Independent of a Creator. As Long as this Statement Remains within the Evolutionism Teaching, Creationism and Evolution can not be Brother and Sister.

I Agree with what BB says about Politics Trumping Science. I did a Post on That Once too. I didn't Realize that there was an Actual Word for that. Cool!!

Lysenkoism Happens a lot in Relation to Intelligent Design and Evolution, as well as the Statistics Relating to Abortion, Abstinence, Safe Sex Education, etc.

You Know when I First Read this Post, it didn't Occur to me that it Might Lead to Discussions about Science. This Could be Interesting.

The Griper said...

political central planning is a culprit also, BB.

Lista said...

As I was Rereading my Own Comment just now, I Realized that the Science of Intelligent Design has been Slowed Down Quite a Bit by Lysenkoism; That, as well as the Fact that the Old, Status Quo, Always Seems to Trump the New.

Don't you See, the Bias of Atheism is no Less of a Bias than the Bias of Religion. Atheists Refuse to See that and Continue to Insist that it is the Ones who Support Intelligent Design that are Biased. There are so Few People Out there, though, that are Familiar with the Intelligent Design Research. Many People, Including Christians, Just Accept the Other because they do not want to Create Waves, nor Take the Time to Really do the Necessary Research in Order to Understand that there is another Scientific Point of View.

Please Note, I am not Talking about Creationism, which is Often Based on Faith, but of Intelligent Design, that has made a Commitment to Remaining Scientific.

BB-Idaho said...

"political central planning is a culprit also, BB." Indeed; Stalin and Mao were big on that.
Big difference in planning and outcome, although the old joke is 'collective farming didn't work..now we have it, but it is huge corporate megafarms!"
Come to think of it, my
recollection of Griper tenets may place large corporations as a type of

The Griper said...

"Come to think of it, my
recollection of Griper tenets may place large corporations as a type of

true, i agree BB. any group is a collective. the problem is in having a group of collectives and trying to solve the problems of each group with a singular solution.

every group may be experiencing a similar problem but the reasons for them may be different for each group. and central planning cannot address each of these reasons with a singular solution. and most of the time central planning can only address the symptom of the problem and as you know, that never solves the problem.

tweetey30 said...

never been good with science esp this kind of science.. but i like the flea clean up at the bottom of this post.. lol..

Lista said...

I guess the Only Problem with the Vacuuming Approach is how much of a Problem is Left in Relation to the 4% Survival rate of Adult Fleas in the Vacuum and also the Percentage of Fleas that did not Get Vacuumed because they were Under Furniture, Outside, Still on the Animal or whatever? It would be a Rare Person that did not Use the Vacuum in a Situation in which there are Fleas and yet even so, Unfortunately, Quite Often Multiple Solutions are Necessary.

The Griper said...

he smiles,,you have made a good point lista.

BB-Idaho said...

So when Rabelais noted 'Nature abhors a vacuum', he was speaking for fleas?

The Griper said...

lolol. oh brother, that was a good one, BB. i've got no comeback for that one yet. you're one up on me now. lolol

Lista said...

Thanks Griper.

It's Snowing Outside. I'm Guessing there's about 6 to 8 Inches so Far and it's Still Falling, so there is no Lack, or Vacuum of the White Stuff, or is the Cold in itself a Vacuum? I Forget how that Works. Oh Well.

I guess I'll have to get more Educated, or as Man of Wonder put it, more "Schooled", so I Can Answer that.

One Neat Thing about Snow, though, is that the Fleas don't Like it, so maybe it IS a Vacuum. lol.

Anyway, Thanks for the Silliness, BB. That's just what I Need Right Now. Thank You.

The Griper said...

he grins at lista's words. ahhhh the girl is pretty good at it herself.


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