Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Beauty to Ride With, A Beauty to Fight With


Lista said...

Wouldn't it be Nice if Women would just Ride with you and not Fight with you. You Let me Know when you Find such a Woman, will ya'?

The Griper said...

i stand by my description, lista.

BB-Idaho said...

That lady with the gun is scary. When I first arrived in Idaho, I thought to take my family
camping with the canoe atop the old landcruiser.
Through the forest along the lake, looking for a place to pitch my tent.
Poor trail, came to a squatter's house. Young lady came out with two
big hounds and a .22 under her arm. She set me straight...which was back where I came from....

The Griper said...

rhonda fleming can send any man's heart aracing,,gun or no gun, :)

Lista said...

Who Says I'm Challenging Anyone's Description? There was no Description, only a Title, yet who says I'm Challenging anything? I'm Just Responding and I Said what came to Mind. It just so Happens that when Women are Treated Well, they are more Likely to Ride and when they are not, they are more Likely to Fight, so a lot of it is the Man's Own Doing.

Some Might Choose to Blame the Woman, but what I Wonder is what was done to her to Make her so Pissed Off and/or Paranoid that she would Feel the Need to Pick Up a Gun.

Is the Woman who is Willing to Go for a Peaceful Ride a Better Person, or is she just Treated Better?

The Griper said...

and i don't believe anyone said you did challenge anyone's description, lista.

Lista said...

Ok. Then the First of your Comments Makes no Sense. You are going to Stand by What Description, Griper? And For what Purpose did you say that, if No One is Challenging you? Why would you Say that to me, just Out of the Blue, if it doesn't Relate to Anything that I have Said?

tweetey30 said...

Where are you getting these posts from? They are good.. I have no idea who these beautiful women are but they are good.. I have never shot a gun in my life and i hate guns for that matter. To many people get hurt with them esp kids.

sorry rambling on things that dont matter to this

The Griper said...

the title is a descriptive title of my own feelings, lista.

Lista said...

What Feelings, Griper? There are no Feeling Words in the Title; Not a One. Beauty isn't a Feeling, Griper. It is a Description of the Women. There are all Sorts of Possible Feelings. Perhaps you are Turned On. Or Perhaps you are Sad because the One Woman is more Interested in Fighting than Riding. One Interpretation is just as Good as the Other, for you have not Clearly Stated a Single Thing about your Feelings.

Don't you see, Griper? You are Thinking that I will Accurately Read your Mind and Don't even Realize to what Extent you have not Communicated anything all that Clearly.

The Griper said...

all of my posts are expressions of my own thoughts, of my own feelings just as your posts are on your blog.

and as i have said many times before, this blog does not exist for the purpose of my own existence but exists in order for others to delve deeper into their own thoughts and feelings.

so, no, lista, it is not my thoughts that i seek that others understand but their own thoughts and feelings.

Lista said...

You Only Express Thoughts, Griper, not Feelings. There is no Expression of Feelings here. You are Only Assuming that we Know your Feelings Based on your Limited Words, but your Feelings have not been Communicated. So I will Repeat it again. You are in Denial about your Confusing Lack of Clarity and will not Admit that you are a Major Contributing Factor to the Confusion and Misunderstanding within your Readers.

I don't Know why it is that I'm the Only One who Appears to be Brave Enough to Challenge you and be Honest with you about what I see. You Draw a Following of Submissive Enablers who won't Tell you the Truth.

Lista said...

You Know, here's the Thing. I Don't Need anyone Else to Help me to Dive into my Own Thoughts and Feelings. I Learn by Discovering how Others are the Same or Different than Myself. I'm not just Centered on Myself Like that. If a Person, though, is not Interested in Clearly Stating what their Own Thoughts and Feelings are, than there is a Very Limited Amount that I can Learn from them.

A Person who does not Desire to be Known and Understood by Others is a Person who Avoids Getting Close to Anyone and this is a rather Sad Decision.

The Griper said...

they are both the same woman, lista. her name is rhonda fleming.

as for the rest, lista, i can only say that i am as i am and my posts are as they are. and those that read it get out of it what they get out of it.

i seek nothing more nor do i expect anything more out of any person

Lista said...

You are not Responding to my Questions, Griper. You Once Told me how Important it is for the Listener to Ask Questions and yet you will not Answer them when they are Asked. Instead, you Point Out a Flaw in my Understanding that the Brunette and the Blond above are Actually the Exact Same Actress. That is an Unimportant Technicality. I would have Preferred an Answer to my Questions.

The Actress may be the Same Woman, but the Characters she is Portraying in the Pictures are Two Different Characters, so what I have Said is not Incorrect.

As to Expectations, the Reason why this is Deceptive is because you are not Consistent in what you are Willing to Give. When you Expect Nothing, you also Give Nothing or if you do Give Something, it can not be Counted On.

Feel Free to Delete this if it Offends you, Griper, yet I find the Very Confusing Way in which you Talk something that Leads to Misunderstanding and Disappointments. It is quite Often Impossible to Figure Out what you are Saying and this is not the Fault of those who Misunderstand you. As a Casual Acquaintance, you may be Ok, but the Misleading way in which you Talk makes you a Risk when it comes to any Genuine Form of Friendship.

Sorry about this Comment, but I just had to Say these things, for I can not Find Closure until I do.

Ok. Now that I've Probably Said too much, I better Explain One Last Thing to your Audience. During the Time in which a Very Good Girl Friend of Mine Passed Away, there was a "Misunderstanding" between Griper and I that Never Got Resolved and he Still Thinks that this is my Fault and that he in no way Contributed to it.

I was Foolish to Trust him with my Feelings. That's all I'm Saying.


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