Monday, January 24, 2011

Any Doubts as to the Wisdom of Government Put to Rest

Well. It is time to get back to some very serious stuff now. We all know how paternal governments are. Not only are they responsible for protecting us from others they also like to create laws to protect us from our own foolish decisions.

Shuckens, they'll even create laws to protect themselves against their own foolish decisions. Did you know that in London that it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament? Sounds to me like this would be a case where the defendant would be the judge, jury, and executioner before he ever went to trial.

Everyone has heard of the organization of M.A.D.D, mothers against drunk drivers. Well it seems as if their cause was heard about in San Salvador too. But do think they got a little too mad because down there a person caught driving drunk could end up before a firing squad.

And for all of you teenagers out there, here is a little tip. If you're drinking on the sly and live in Ohio, don't pour that bottle of gin in the fish aquarium so as to hide it from mom and pop. Its against the law to get a fish drunk there.

As for the feminist movement, i'd say you have more important things to protest about other than railing on Sarah Palin all of the time. You should gather your troops in Vermont and protest the fact that a woman must have her husband's permission before she can wear false teeth. Hmmm, now I wonder under what circumstances would a man prefer that a woman did not have her teeth in?

And here is one for all of you that intend on leaving the snow belt and going to Florida to live, especially females. Girls, beware, it is illegal for any unmarried woman to parachute on Sunday in Miami. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't have an abortion there, you just are not allowed to parachute. Ok, that law is understandable, right? Wonder if the environmentalists were the catalyst behind this law? Wouldn't want to have a female body splattered all over the ground on Sunday would we?

Does make you wonder about the wisdom of the voters though that would elect people who wrote these laws. And you wonder why the people of the Tea Party advocate for less laws. Can you imagine just how much time was wasted debating these issues before enacting these laws? :) I'll let you, the reader, decide just how wisely our leaders govern as we begin this week.


Gorges Smythe said...

Hey, and don't you be shootin' no camels in Arizona, either! (At least I THINK that's the state.)


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