Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas is a Myth or so We are Being Told

Grandpa just smiled as he says
"Just thought I'd start the Christmas season out with a  "Big Bang" this year.
 Did you know that there are 50 million "closet" atheists in this nation? 
Atheists have declared war on Christmas.
It won't be long before secularism will be known as atheism."


Lista said...

I don't Really Think that Most of Them are in the Closet and if they are, it is more Out of Respect than Out of Fear.

I Like the Fact that she said that just because someone Occasionally has Doubts, this doesn't Make them Atheists and it was Great that she Boldly Ended the Interview with Merry Christmas even though she Knew that he was an Atheist. That was Great!!

I'm just Chuckling. I Came Across an Atheistic Blog Recently that...Well, he's Something Else. I'm Shaking my Head. I'm going to go Respond to that Next.

On the Other Hand, Perhaps Challenging Christians to Offer Better Support for what they Believe is not such a Bad Thing.

BB-Idaho said...

Closet atheists? They must be studying in those those closets ...:)

LandShark 5150 said...

Griper, here is a link from a friend (Stogie) over at Saber Point
This may add insight to the postings of yours.


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