Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Griper Has Ressurected

Well, the ol' gray mare got me back to California safe and sound. Have to admit that I had a great time. Saw some friends and family that I haven't seen in years. Also met some new members of the family. And I'm already making plans for my next visit which should add to this delightful experience.

Being back, the ol' Griper already has a couple of ideas for future posts which should be up in a few days. Seems funny to be thinking along these lines of thought once again, yet it is a good feeling too. My typing finger is eager to get on the keyboard again.

Below are a few of pictures that I took on the way back. In one town of Colorado the deer actually are a part of the town as shown in the first couple of pics. At dusk you can spot herds of deer in the fields around the town. In fact the deer are so numerous that if a person did not know better they would think that the people in that town were raising deer as they do domestic livestock.

In the third pic you'll see a place in So. Dakota where you can still buy a cup of coffee for 5 cents. The place is appropriately named Al's Oasis and sits on the banks of the Missouri River. Being an avid coffee drinker I had to take advantage of this price along with a very good buffalo burger while there.

The last pic is a bit fuzzy but couldn't help adding it. Its a pic taken in a museum I visited in Colorado. For you young'uns who may not know what it is I can only say that it is something that is a big part of our history. It is where an operator sat to connect people to other persons over the telephone lines back in the good ol' days.

Hope you all enjoy them.

Look closely for the deer walking across the sidewalk.


BB-Idaho said...

Us ancients can recall those 'primative' phone little sister had a plastic toy one. Gradually, those nice ladies were replaced by digital switching. (am I the only person left with a 'land phone'?)

The Griper said...

nahhh BB, there are a few of us ancients that still have a land line and no new fandangle cell phones.

and you might also remember that those "nice ladies" were usually depicted as the town gossips too in many a movie.

Lista said...

Oh BB,
That is just too Cute and yes, I'm Old Enough to Remember the Program "Laugh in". "Here's Dicky!!"

BB-Idaho said...

You know, Griper, I've driven between hither and yon dozens of times over the years. Odd thing is,
I gradually came to like the Great Plains. So much sky, so little anything else...and those widely spaced little towns start to seem like oases..(gas sign, rather than palm tree, of course.) Now, having admitted my appreciation for the wide open spaces....sure wouldn't want to live there! :)

The Griper said...

and me,BB, i'm just the opposite. the wide open spaces are like a magnet to me. i yearn for them, always have.

twas a dream of mine that never faded within me.
a cabin sitting near a stream. my neighbor a mile a way at least.
a view that one could see for miles away without any man made obstacles, knowing that with each passing day the sun would create a whole new view of it.
quiet would be the only sound until you'd hear the call of the wild animal somewhere or the sound of the soft breeze as it floats thru the trees nearby.
a place where the stars would sparkle like diamonds at night.

a place where work was not needed to earn money to make the surroundings to your liking but work to improve the inner soul as you made your surroundings to your liking

BB-Idaho said...

Gotta admit-that does sound idyllic. Betcha ol
faithful Dawg would like that as well. :)

The Griper said...

yup, jackrabbits to chase to her hearts desire. lol


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