Monday, February 15, 2010

Questions to Ask After Saying "I will vote for... But Before Saying "I did vote for..."

Before we start carping on the government’s lack of financial responsibility we, as individuals, better take a good look in the mirror.  Grandpa handed grandma an article that gave some good financial advice to youngsters before they whisper those sweet words of “I do.”

Grandpa teasingly said to her, “Sure is a good thing that you never asked me these questions before you accepted my proposal of marriage, grandma.

Grandma just chuckled as she read the article. After a couple of minutes of reading the article she said,

“ Good advice here, grandpa but then again I don’t think either one of us regrets the hard times we had when we first got married but I will say this.

Picture that guy proposing to the voter seeking her vote.  Maybe we ought to take this same advice now by asking and getting the answers to these same questions or similar questions of any and every prospective candidate for political office before we enter that voting booth."

This be the article in question



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