Saturday, January 23, 2010

Now, Look at Who Wants Higher Taxes

Grandpa was reading the newspaper when he began chuckling and said,

"So unions are the vanguards of the workers rights and the sole protector of the exploitation of the worker from the greed of the employer, huh?"  Well, from this article it sounds as if unions believe that the taxpayers are the greedy ones now.  Or are they just showing their true greedy selves now?"

"You tell me, boy" as he handed me the section of the opinion pages. I began reading what he showed me.

"New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that a majority of American union members now work for the government. The pattern of unions adding members in government while losing members in the private sector accelerated during the recession. The typical union member now works in the Post Office, not on the assembly line.

Representing government employees has changed the union movement's priorities: Unions now campaign for higher taxes on Americans to fund more government spending. Congress should resist government employee unions' self-interested calls to raise taxes on workers in the private sector."
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Tom said...

Having been a UAW Union member myself, I can state that the Unions typically try to get as much for their members generally without regard for the company that they work for. Only when the company gets into trouble will they back off of their demands. With government Unions, the hand is always out - just a never-ending money stream.

Oso said...

Off topic,just wanted to say I enjoy trading thoughts with you at RN USA. It's frustrating when people use sarcasm and name-calling instead of civil discourse.
Sometimes we can point directly to facts,other times the best we can do is try to build a logical case which is harder to justify.
So like I said,it's nice bantering with someone who also enjoys exchanging views without it becoming unpleasant.
Enjoy the games today if you're a football fan.

The Griper said...

i don't need to call people names, Oso, because it is not my goal to convince people that i am right and they are wrong. my only goal is to present an argument that will influence others to think a little deeper in regards to their own ideas.

The Griper said...

there is the problem with unionization. even when a business is in trouble unions almost have to be forced to back down. and unions should not demand so much as to be the cause of a problem.


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