Sunday, December 27, 2009

Medical Care, a Right?

This is a follow up of my previous post on the health care problem, so, for those who haven’t read that yet, I’d suggest that you do so, before reading the rest of this post.

There are those who will say that the Constitution protects our rights. I may disagree with this statement but I will not present an argument against it at this time. There also are those who declare that medical care is a right. If this is so then it is also a constitutionally protected right. I never understood the reasoning behind this other than from an emotional point of view.

Individual Rights, by definition, are possessions by which it can be declared that the individual that possesses that right also has the right to make the decision in regards to it. And this decision must be declared as a decision of free will. If we are to declare a right then that right is a universal right not a class right, not a government right. No man is allowed to force that decision upon any one of us. And if we are to declare it as a Constitutionally protected right then not even the government can force that decision upon the individual.

So, from this we can see that if rights are to be acknowledged and that we should abide by the Constitution then we must agree that force has to be absent in regards to the making of that decision. And we must accept that no one else has the right to make that decision for us. We must also acknowledge that once we make that personal decision then we will either benefit personally or we must personally accept the consequences of that decision.

One more thing that should be declared about the possession of rights. If we possess the right to make a decision then government has no right to penalize an individual just because the government feels that the individual made a bad decision. The government can only penalize those who willfully and with intent deny others of their rights.

So, for those who value the rights of the individual and want to declare that you are abiding by the Constitution, you will not approve of the use of force by anyone or any government when it comes to the individual decisions of your fellow man when he is exercising his right to that decision.

That is the essence of the meaning of liberty. That is the soul of the meaning behind the right of pursuit of happiness. That is the foundation upon our nation was built. So, if we are to make this nation a more perfect nation it must be upon these foundations. There is no more perfect foundation than this. For what can be more perfect than the exercising of our own free will.

Heed the words of our first President. There is no crueler master then that master who would deny the individual of his rights. And there is no more dangerous of a servant than that servant who believes he can make decisions for the one he serves.

These be my thoughts. Now I leave you to yours on this issue. The following article may be one worth the read also. The Constitutionality of the use of force in this issue


Anonymous said...

Sorry old man but your credibility ha been lost since you have begun posting on that Liberal ASS-HOLE'S blog... (Truth101.

Think about the ammo you have given him by having a conservative patronize his blog.

The Griper said...

if that is the criteria you use to determine credibility then i'd look in the mirror.

my words determine my credibility and they are the same regardless of whose blog i visit.

Rational Nation USA said...

Griper - As I nod my head in total agreement with you.

2cute4u said...

i don't quite agree with some of your thoughts.. but you 've got some issues brewing there..
i'm new here though.. nice place you've got.. i'm tempted to build a little nest here and i will, so i'd be back!

SjP said...

"Heed the words of our first President. There is no crueler master then that master who would deny the individual of his rights. And there is no more dangerous of a servant than that servant who believes he can make decisions for the one he serves."

An interesting and very profound statement from our first President. Given the state of affairs during his term of office, I would certainly like to understand the context of his words. I'll have to read up on that.

There are many things I appreciate about you, Griper my friend. But after reading the first comment here and your response, my appreciation for the mutual respect we share tops the list. I only wish that others would understand that civility is an attribute that can be the foundation on which bridges can be built.

Much Obliged, My Friend! Much Obliged!

The Griper said...

ooopsy, SJP. that wasn't his quote. that was mine upon reflection of his quote which is found here,
G.W. quote

CJ said...

Universal healthcare is an important goal, but it's not a right. A right says the government will not prevent you from doing certain things. Healthcare is a service. It can't be a right in the same way as free speech and freedom from unlawful searches are.


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