Friday, September 25, 2009

A New Day has Begun

Well, my good and loyal friends, I be back. My puter finally blue screened for the last time, a little before I wanted it to but as you all know computers have a mind of their own. Went out and bought me another used computer to use while I get me some cash up so that I can get a new one.

As you can see I've not only changed computers but have also changed the way the site looks also. Figured that if I was going to change one thing in my life I might as well change a whole bunch of other things too. Hope you like the new dressing I put on it.

I even changed the way my desk top looks. Still haven't figured out how to change how I look though. No matter what I do to myself when I look in the mirror the same old ugly puss stares back at me as if laughing at me while I gripe at it. lol

Now, I need a new thinking cap to use for more posts. The brain has been in idle mode for too long I think. Would appreciate any help I could get from ya all on some topics to spill my thoughts on. Please, don't let me hear that you want my opinion on our President though. lol

Have to say tho, it is good to be back again. A new day has begun.


Sugarbabe said...

Ha!Looks like i'm the first to welcome you back, been checking each day, sometimes twice... So, WELCOME BACK! You have been greatly missed by your followers...Glad it was your puter that got sick and not you...

RaDena said...

Sugarbabe beat me to it! :( Oh well... welcome back, Griper! You truly have been missed.

You don't want to opinionate on Obama? Sheesh, Griper, what else is there these days? (Just kidding.)

I doubt I can be of any help as to your subject material. You have a great mind and will come up with something far better than I can think of. Your new blog looks great, by the way. Good job! :)

Get It Right said...

Good to read you again.

The Griper said...

ahhhh, thank ye, my good friends. feels good to be back.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Griper - So excited to see you back, tell me what you think of my hard work at my site too. I love the new look here and am looking forward to reading frequently...

Karen Howes said...

Hey Griper, glad to see you back! It's about time!

BB-Idaho said...

"Would appreciate any help I could get from ya all on some topics to spill my thoughts on." How does one survive with no computer? Mine
was in 'hospital' for four days last year and I wore my thumbs out
twiddling. :)

The Griper said...

ahhhhhhh tis good to see ya again, BB. i've missed your comments. what did we do when there were no computers to play with, huh?


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