Sunday, September 27, 2009

Individualism, What does It Mean?

I asked grandpa to read an assignment that I had written for one of my classes. This is what he read,

“Individualism, what does it mean? First of all it means that I am a person with attributes that makes me unique. It does not allow me to label myself as a black man, a white man or a man of any color. The color of my skin is only an additional characterization of my individualism. The same can be said of my gender, age and any other attribute that I possess.

Individualism allows me to associate with other individuals but it doesn’t allow me to identify with any other persons other than members of my family. This particular bond is a bond that is only determinable by a union of marriage. If we are to declare that the family is the foundation of any society then we must also declare that marriage is the foundation upon which a family is recognized.

Individualism recognizes the need to place the rights of the individual above the rights of the collective. The reasoning for this is simple. The collective can have no rights if the individuals associated with that collective have no rights. All rights begin and end with the individual.

Individualism recognizes the need to accept responsibility for one’s own needs and the needs of those dependent upon the person. Individualism recognizes that to accept the responsibility of the needs of another other than those dependent upon him is an act of charity and not an obligation.

Individualism does not recognize the concept of equality. In fact, he abhors the idea for he knows that within the concept of equality there must also be a loss of liberty. With the loss of liberty he knows he is deserving of being treated as nothing but property whose only purpose in life is to provide for the needs of the collective.

Individualism recognizes the value of self-reliance. Individualism recognizes the value of tolerance. Individualism recognizes the value of the need for compassion but seeks no man’s pity nor does he envy the success of others.

Individualism knows that the rewards of success, whether it is modest or grand, will only come from within one's self, thus, never can be bought. It is the individual who knows that privacy is the cornerstone of the freedom of association, not access.”

When grandpa had finished reading he just looked at me with a big grin and said,

“ Boy, regardless of the grade your teacher gives you on this, I know that the farm and your grandmother will be in good hands after I have ended my time here on this earth.”


RaDena said...

My goodness but grandpa was smart! :)

Socialists don't seem to like individualism very much. It gets in the way of their being able to control people.

dcat said...

Yeah I know they hate me and want me out of the way.

The Griper said...

so very true, little one, so very true, but not only socialism but any system where power is centralized, which is why i believe Europe has taken to socialism so easily.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Griper - I love and appreciate this. I am very happy to have you back in the blogo-family, your words here are touching and moving to me - the essence of what is important. I am immediately posting a section of this with a link back.......

Grateful to be of some inspiration as well!

Rational Nation USA said...

This is an inspiring post. Your words ring true, and are powerful because they are so simple yet eloquent.

You make the case for individualism very effectively.


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