Thursday, June 04, 2009

Time to get our Kids Drugged up?

Some may have seen this before but thought it still was thought of the day for me.

May not have worked for every kid but still think they got the message


Gayle said...

I haven't seen this before, Griper, and I absolutely love it! Too bad parents don't do as much of any of that anymore.

The Griper said...

i sorta enjoyed it myself. brought back memories.

BB-Idaho said...

I never cared much for the soap in the mouth thing. Mom passed away
some 20 years back, so I feel a little safer when I hit my thumb with a hammer. Lifeboy, it 'twas..

The Griper said...

ivory soap here. still can taste it. lol

soon learned the value of the whisper though at those times.

Lista said...

Very good Post, Griper,
And I feel that's what's wrong with our Society in relation to a lot of things, not just Drugs. Consider for example how many people in our present Society think that the Government owes them a living. We become quite angry at them, blame them, and lay guilt trips on them for their "Laziness", yet what can be done to undue all the incorrect conditioning and training that has been passed on to them by their parents?

This is why I believe in counseling programs and not just Pressure and Guilt Trips.

The Griper said...

and what is the success rate of these counseling programs, lista? and when i ask for success rate i'm talking life time changes.

Lista said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any Statistics on the subject, but I do know this...

Anger, Judgment and Guilt does not produce results. Naturally, I'd like to make a Political Statement out of this as well, yet if all that's accomplished is a Statement about the Judgmental Attitudes of People, than that by itself is worth saying.


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