Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Eagle Flies in Afghanistan

Just a short post today. Got the pics below in an email from my neighbor and thought they were clever enough to bring a smile to your face. Seems as if somebody sure has time on their hands over there in Afghanistan where this bird is reported to be. Can you imagine the time and effort to paint this helicopter? Don't know any of the particulars of it but whoever did it did a hell of a job.

Am sure glad I have a friend like BB visiting me. Seems like it wasn't our boys in Afghanistan who did the paint job on the bird below. Here is the Snope's story on it.
Eagle Copter


BB-Idaho said...

Nice paintjob. But there has been some controversy surrounding the helicopter over the last 2-3 years...

The Griper said...

oopsy, good thing i have you around, good friend. lol

but like you said too,, one heck of a paint job.

Average American said...

I can see why so many people were fooled.

Donald Douglas said...

Have a great 4th of July, Griper!!

RaDena said...

Regardless of whose helicopter it is and who painted it, it's still awesome, Griper!

From what I've seen by reading other blogs BB leaves comments on, not much gets past him.

Happy Independence Day!

dcat said...

I bet the droppings from that bird is big! ;] :+:

Karen Howes said...

Wow-- that is some paint job!

BB-Idaho said...

Us really old folks can remember when flying planes with fierce visages gave the pilots a big
advantage Those
old P-40s were the first to use war paint (to my knowledge..I don't go quite all the way back to
the Wright brothers)...

The Griper said...

and it be truly a shark of the skies in its day too, BB.

want to know the truth karen i had to look a couple of times before i realized it was a paint job.

and probably would have been pretty explosive droppings, dcat. :)

yah, radena, that is why i like having him around. he makes ya think twice before publishing something.


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