Friday, May 15, 2009

A Fellow Blogger Needs Support

hey, guys,
Head on over to Theodore's World and add your support to Chrissy. She's got a troll trying to hassle her about her past in real life and she's fighting back. The more support she gets the stronger she'll be in this. I would include all my liberal friends also for no one deserves what this guy is trying to do to her.


Karen Howes said...

Poor lady!

I'm not familiar with the situation, but I would ordinarily think enabling comment moderation and not publishing the troll's comments would take care of the problem. Unless he's doing more than simply leaving comments.

Generally, the less attention you give trolls, the better.

Gayle said...

Karen's right, but I'll go on over and check it out. It may take my mind off of this headache I've got.

I left an update post, Griper. I'm not having a lot of fun these days, but feel well enough this morning to do some visiting.

The Griper said...

that's just the point, girls, from what i understand he is taking it to the next level and hassling her in real life now.

Average American said...

It might be time for the police to get involved.

BB-Idaho said...

Looks like she is getting a lot of support. Don't know anything about her blog, but her life, past and present, should not be a target.

The Griper said...

again we agree, my friend. that is the primary reason of my post. plus, the more support she gets from everyone will only result in making the harrasser look like a fool.


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