Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Better World, Change History, Shall We?

Grandpa and I were just having a casual discussion one day and the subject of changing things in our life in order to make it a better life came up. I made the mistake of saying that there were a few things I would have liked the opportunity to do over. That was all that grandpa needed to go into his teaching mode.

" Boy, would you like to go back in time and change an event in your life? Was there something that you regretted doing and think "only if I could…" Time travel seems to be one fascination of life that has intrigued man because it reminds us of our limitations as human beings. Even if we could go back and change something, would it be our past anymore?

They tell us that the past is to learn from. If that is true then what would we learn if the past was changed, for the past now is as we want it to be and that past from which we were suppose to learn no longer exists? Besides, what makes us think that changing the past will result in a better present or future?

The big problem that we have in regards to the past is that people use it to judge others rather than to learn from. Unfortunately, we use it to judge ourselves also. A big part of our racial problems in this nation can be attributed to this factor. You’ll very seldom hear a discussion on the problems without someone using history to make another feel guilty or demeaned.

A big part of our political differences can be attributed to this factor. You’ll hear people advocating for an entirely different system because they have judged the present system as completely faulty based on the past. They justify this change misusing a Constitutional concept of a "…more perfect union"

Here are a couple of links that discusses the possibility of time travel for those interested in knowing whether or not you live in a world where the past has been changed or not already. We may be living in a world that someone has already changed if time travel is possible. the subject is presented in very down to earth language also.

Can You Time-Travel? Can You Time-Travel, Part II


Left Coast Rebel said...

Great story Griper, I'm glad to see you putting up more posts. I love how you make the point that those that want to change america base that on a concept of a ''more perfect union.'' Such a bastardization of the true meaning of that phrase.

BB-Idaho said...

History's timeline; intriguing, isn't it? We have the imaginary
revisionist literature..What If The South Had Won? What If We Had Lost the Revolutionary War? What If
Hitler Had Prevailed? in biology..
What If The Dinosaurs Had Not Died Out? [yikes!] What If the Black Plague Hadn't Wiped Out Half Of Europe? Tis a great source of wonder and potential study. Unfortunately, I gotta bow to Einstein [wormholes aside] that
in approaching the speed of light, mass becomes infinite; then the energy required to push beyond that velocity requires more energy than exists in the universe. What a challenge! Now, those 'wormholes'.:) Naw..straight line time & history is OK...we can
say, "heh, they sure screwed up" and "sure glad they invented that"
..and it IS less confusing. :)

The Griper said...

i'd like to write more but i seem to be running out of topics to write on off the top of my head. the ones i have been writing on lately are ones that i might run across, whether on blogs, surfing the web or just a thought on life itself that might pop into my head.

The Griper said...

"Naw..straight line time & history is OK...we can
say, "heh, they sure screwed up" and "sure glad they invented that"

i agree BB. now if we could only get away from the blame that is always there and recognize for what it is, a time to learn from.

Karen said...

Very interesting thoughts, Griper... reminds me of a movie from the late 80's called "Mr. Destiny."

The Griper said...

mmm,just interesting, huh, karen? :)


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