Saturday, April 25, 2009

Conservatives vs Liberals

Repsac over at Wingnuts and Wingbats has a very interesting post today and worth reading by everyone both, Conservatives and Liberals.

The post is entitled "Conservatives live in a different moral universe than Liberals—And here is why it matters."

I recommend it to all.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Very interesting, a writer over at Amerian Thinker had a similiar piece recently as well.

BB-Idaho said...

That is an interesting study. Now I know why I have liberal tendencies...never respected authority! :) The subject is intriguing, though..we have the idea that we are born, or at least possess lib/con outlook very young: and the obverse, that we tend liberal when young and gradually move to a conservative viewpoint. I still suspect that
basic personality has something to do with it as well. Then, we have folks who either have no interest, or hold conflicting viewpoints.

Gayle said...

BB, I don't respect authority either, and you know I'm not a liberal, so that can't be it. :)

I took the study quiz over there, Griper. It was quite interesting. Thanks for the link.

repsac3 said...

Thanks for the link, sir, and thanks to all those who visited as a result...

For any who took the quiz: Did the results match up with where you thought you'd score?

The Griper said...

i think the idea of moving from liberalism to conservativism as we age has a lot to do with the idea of idealism vs realism.

it was a post well worth reading in my eyes, thus the recommendation. and as you see from the comments so did others see it as interesting.

BB-Idaho said...

"i think the idea of moving from liberalism to conservativism as we age has a lot to do with the idea of idealism vs realism" That is what Churchill observed, it is the conventional wisdom, and I agree.
Since my path was the reverse, I may be the sole exception! :)

The Griper said...

sole exception? seems that today we were suppose to believe there is another in Alan Specter. :)

i will say tho, that in watching the video that it brought up more questions then it did answers for me. and from the talk it appeared to me that those 5 areas were more singly diminsional rather than dual diminsional.

BB-Idaho said...

OK, not sole exception, heh. I'm thinking Senator Specter is going to bug the Dems as much as he did the GOP, maybe even more. :) Regarding the 5 moral views which
define right left, I'm thinking there is more..we need survey which type of ice cream each side seems to prefer? (I'm rather fond of maple nut)

The Griper said...

he grins, butter pecan here when i have my teeth in.

on the definition, i agree with you. the tea parties say something about conservatives and authority. as for loyalty i was wondering whether he meant the individual's loyalty to the group or the other way round. if individual then we know there has been defections on both sides.


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