Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A nickel, A dime, A trillion?

Brother, what is it about having a checking account? One day it looks like have all kinds of money then you look at it a few days later and start pulling your hair out because you know that the money left won't be enough to carry you through the rest of the month. You just know you'll end up starving to death or thrown out into the street for not paying your rent or mortgage.

You look at the gas gauge on the car and just visualize yourself walking all those miles the rest of the month. then you really begin to sweat as you think of that coffee pot that won't have any morning coffee brewing for you.

You go to sleep at night and you dream of yourself walking the wintry streets with rags wrapped around your feet in place of socks and shoes and they never seem to know warmth anymore. You hear yourself as you sit in the wet and cold snow whispering with shivering lips to all that passes, "A dime, a nickel, for the poor?" The hunger of an empty belly wakes you up and you realize that you've been chewing on the pillow case in your sleep.

You get out of bed and go into the kitchen for something to satisfy this emptiness you hear. You open the refrigerator door and all you see in there is an old moldy chuck of cheese. You grab it and carefully slice off the mold and hungrily toss it into your mouth in hope of a change for the better. With that you stagger back to bed to await the new day thinking of that trillion dollars being spent by your government but not one penny will you get and a tear rolls down your face as you pull the moth-eaten blanket over yourself once again.


tweetey30 said...

May I gross you out. My great great grandmother used to eat mold literally. My great grandmother told me this when I was small.

But I get the point of this post. Its horrible what they are doing this time around with that stimulus package. Just horrible.

BB-Idaho said...

Haven't lived like that since I was in college. (thankfully)!

Karen Howes said...

I hope this vision doesn't become a reality, Griper.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

what the heck, it's only money that can be printed when needed.

The Griper said...

the post had no real purpose behind it. just thoughts that ran through my head after looking at my bank account.

Average American said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean Griper. What REALLY pisses me off is how much will find it's way into the pockets of illegal aliens. The personal stimulus ($400) per head with OR WITHOUT a S.S. # will go to millions of illegals. They are predicting 2 million jobs in the construction industry. Illegals will end up with 15% of those jobs, 300,000 of them!! Who knows what else they may manage to get.

Lista said...

What really bothers me about the Stimulus Package is that the Republicans that "Crossed Over" and voted for it did not even take the time to read it.

There is so much talk about Gridlock and how we need to Compromise and Work Together, yet when Congress Men and Women do not even take the time to read something, this is the opposite of Gridlock. This is careless foolishness. Perhaps when the Democrats have so much control the way they do, a small healthy amount of Gridlock might actually be warranted.

Average American,
Amen to that!!

The Griper said...

more than that, lista, it is dictatorial rule. it no longer can be declared democratic rule when Congress votes like that.


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