Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time and a New but Old Issue

If any of you have been wondering what has happened to me, the answer is that I have been here and I'm working on a doozy of a post for you all. This will be on a topic that everyone can agree on that is controversial even if that is all that can be agreed on.

It also is a topic that tries to use many different types of arguments in it defense. So, in order to do the topic justice I am trying to cover as many of the different arguments as I possibly can. So, it may take a little time to address them and it may take a little time to read it also. LOL

I'm thinking of breaking each argument up into separate posts so that if you have a particular comment in regards to that particular argument then you'll have an opportunity to just address that singular post.

I hope I do a well enough job of it to make it an interesting read for you. I hope also that I might be able to offer a different perspective to the topic also. Guess time will only tell us that, huh?

If you will notice I have added a new gadget to the site also. It is a selection of web pages that are not blogs that some of you might find interesting reading. Think I need to start looking for a three column page to put all the gadgets in.


BB-Idaho said...

OK....so far, it sounds like a Preamble. :)

BB-Idaho said...

Forgot to mention that I follow your sidebar events in history almost daily. "30,000 Marines Land On Iwo Jima" reminded me of a pal in 2nd Grade (1949) who's dad was one of those 30,000 that landed. He was buried there two days later. Donny never met his dad. Strange....history.

The Griper said...

hope you enjoy it, BB.

and yes, history is very interesting and sometimes strange as well. i've always enjoyed it but the dates of events always was my downfall. i even need help in remembering the date of my birthday. lol


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