Thursday, February 19, 2009

Abortion, a Woman's Right?

Abortion has an effect on more persons than just an effect on the mother as pro-abortionists argue. It also has a greater effect than on the human being inside of her as anti-abortionists argue. Granted, these are the two human beings most directly effected but we need to consider all of the other effects also.

First of all, I’d like to make clear that, in my opinion, abortion is not wrong, in and of itself. In fact, I don’t believe that anyone considers abortion to be absolutely wrong. Every argument that I have heard on the issue has at least one exception to permit it.

If we are to understand the issue of abortion logically then we must be willing to look at all of the issues that are involved when speaking about it. And the first issue is how each side identify themselves as, pro-life Vs pro-choice. Both of these identities were chosen for their emotional influence rather then actually identifying the sides. The issue is abortion and either you are arguing for its legalization or you are arguing for its ban.

That makes the identity of the sides pro-abortion or anti-abortion not pro-choice or pro-life. I am often amused when I hear someone adamantly deny that they are pro-abortion and then proceed to present a pro-abortion argument. They have contradicted themselves before they even start.

We must also recognize that both sides of the issue agree that giving birth is and should be moral and legal. In fact, it could be called an inalienable right for it is the most basic act that satisfies the two basic drives of the human being, self-survival and survival of the species. It is a sorry day indeed when the State feels it has the right to ban the giving of birth under any circumstance.

Given that an issue such as this can only be one of two things, either it is morally right therefore it should be legal or it is morally wrong therefore it should be illegal. There is no in between position to take on this issue. With this said, we must conclude that it is up to the pro-abortionists to prove it is morally right not up to the anti-abortionists to prove that it is morally wrong. I haven’t heard an argument yet that would support the morality of abortion.

One more thing needing to be cleared up. Abortion is not a right of women. It has never been nor is it a woman’s right to have an abortion in spite of how it is argued. Abortion is a medical procedure, an operation meant to be performed by certain personnel of the medical profession only. Roe vs Wade established that this medical procedure was within the rights of the medical profession to use when the question of pregnancy arose.

A woman may seek to have this procedure done and that is her right according to the law but that was a right she always had. That will always be her right regardless of how this issue is ever settled. The doctor, though, has the final say in whether or not he will perform this procedure at this time. If Roe vs Wade is ever reversed it will be the states that will determine whether or not this procedure is allowed to be performed. This, unfortunately, is an issue where everyone but the woman or that human being within her has the final say in the matter.

So, from this we can see that the whole argument of a woman’s rights as used in this issue is baseless and an attempt of both sides to make emotional rather than logical appeals for their cause. This, in my opinion, is one reason that the issue is still controversial after all of these years.


tweetey30 said...

Griper sore topic here for me. I dont believe woman should be able to have abortions. I believe baby's should be brought into this world and put for adoption or kept. I mean lets say a woman gets raped. I understand where she might not want to keep the baby or even feel it move when they start moving around inside but I dont see the point. Esp those abortions as the baby is being born. Those birth abortions. I have heard such horror stories of that. I couldnt imagine going nine months just to have the baby killed at the end. That right there is murder in my eyes. It hasnt taken its first breath of air yet but still its far enough out of the womb to be that way.

The Griper said...

he just smiles at tweety, says nothing yet.

Sugarbabe said...

I am for abortion but only in the first few week, once heard not after 3 months.. In case of rape the woman should definately be able to decide the outcome.. I know I'd sure hate to look at a baby who's father had beat hell out of me and raped me. One could hardly help but wonder how that child would turn out from such a beast. And be reminded of the attack everytime she looked at the child.. She may even hate the child and mistreat it. So a big yes for abortion there.. But in most case this woman didn't get in that condition all by herself.. A big night of romance for instance.. What if she doesn't want the child but the guy does.. He wants to be a father in the worst way and did.. Maybe an older guy and feels time is running out for him to have a child of his own.. He should be able to have some kind of say in the matter. Then if most men ever actually birthed a child I expect he would never want to do it again if he had any say about it. I had one and never wanted to experience anything like that again.. so slept under the bed.. There are many teenagers having babies and the grandparents wind up raising them..That's not good especially if the grandparents are getting up in years and health not too good. Also there is the money issue..
So I definately feel it is okay to abort but carefully thought over first by both the mother and father of the child.. Though usually the guys want nothing to do with either the woman or the child.. He wants to be off looking for greener pasture's.. Then there are also cases where the child is not forming as it should, that would be a hard one to decide on for a couple that really wanted a child. I don't even like to think about that.. But yes, I'm for early abortions but definately not after 3 months.. A woman should know long before that if she is pregnant.

The Griper said...

well hello, sugarbabe. by your criteria then, we can safely declare that doctors perform a whole lot of abortions that can only be declared as unethical.

Sugarbabe said...

I haven't been keeping on top of whats going on with abortions now days but used to have a lot of quacks do this procedure and often caused death for the patient. I expect they are still around for those that can't afford a regular doctor. I got some of this knowledge from old movies but I'm sure there was a lot of truth in it. So at least if it was legal there may be less of this sort of thing. Still would be expensive for the patient but so is birthing the baby and that expense never ends in more ways than one. And in bad situation there is little pleasure in ones life time with the child, especially if it was not wanted in the first place. Most of use were not wanted at the time of conception but once we arrived with our big yell and later smiles we were in like flin. But this does not happen in many case and the child grabs at love and attention where ever it can be found. Not a good thing! Need more people sleeping under a low bed.. lol..........

Karen Howes said...

Griper, here's my argument against abortion:

There are four basic differences between a human being before he/she is born and after: size, level of development, degree of dependence, and environment.

All of these differences exist between born persons: a 3-year-old is smaller, less developed, and more dependent than, say, a 10-year-old. A 20-year-old is in turn larger, more developed, and more independent than a 10-year-old-- and moreover can move out of the house and live on his/her own.

In other words, these differences have no bearing whatsoever on the worth or value of one's life, and there is no justification for abortion.

By the way, I DON'T believe there is a situation in which abortion is justified. There's never any justification for taking innocent human life.

Karen Howes said...


Why is it okay to kill an unborn human being in the first trimester but not after this completely arbitrary cutoff? Why does a fetus more than three months old have the right to live, but not before?

As for rape (which, by the way, only accounts for about 1% of all abortions performed), having an abortion does not undo the horror that the mother has already gone through-- and a great many women who have abortions after being raped will tell you that the abortion only compounded their pain-- in fact, many report feeling like they were re-living their rape during their abortion. It's simply compounding one evil horror, one hideous violation, with an even worse one.

Also, the fact that the child was conceived through rape does not make the child any less innocent or deserving of life. Adoption, not abortion, would probably be the best "choice" in this terrible situation.

Sugarbabe said...

Karen, I also think abortion should be avoided but there are cases when it is a medical decision. If ones doctor says the baby will not make it to full term for instance and other similiar circumstances for health perposes.. Also, from somewhere in my past life I read or hearsay, there is nothing there for the first few weeks to 3 months but a jelly like glob.. To play it safe if a woman doesn't want a child and has had unprotected sex she should see her doctor right away to take care of a possible pregnancy.. I don't know the procedure for that but I'm definately against later abortions.
I understand it is no picnic for the woman either, so let it be adopted. I can emagine the thoughts most women would have to live with doing either of these choices, would be hard to live with ones self. But if that's what they want to do or need to do for reasons of their own, they should be allowed to do so. I also think with the over population in the world now to adopt should be of no charge other than maybe some legal papers..The new parents should be investaged as to their ability of being a parent or parents.. but not actually charged for the child.. I don't really know how it works but is my understanding it is an expensive procedure. To each his own, is not an issue I would want to stick my nose into and try to advise another woman on this matter.


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