Monday, February 23, 2009

Abortion, Life as a Right or a Privilege

Life has been declared as an inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence. Rights, by definition are those possessions that cannot be denied to us except by the giver of those rights. No one or no government can take any of those inalienable rights away from us either. Privileges, on the other hand, are those possessions that we have by permission.

A good example of this is in regards to the ownership of a vehicle. We have the right to own a vehicle and we need no one’s permission to drive that vehicle as long as it is driven on our own property. However, we do need the state’s permission to drive it on the street. That driver’s license declares that you do have the state’s permission to drive it on the streets.

Abortion takes the right to life and turns it into a privilege. Everyone who was born prior to the Roe versus Wade case was born with the right to life. Everyone born after that case only has the privilege to life. Why is this? As a pro-abortionist would put it, it is because everyone born after that case was born because the mother had the right to make a choice of allowing that human being to live or to have an abortion and prevent it from having a life.

In other words, anyone who was born after that decision is only alive because their mother permitted them to live when she could have denied life to that person. If that child had the right to life, it would not need the permission of the mother to live. The government, by their decision, has taken the most basic right away from the people and turned it into a privilege to live and have a life.

Another right was effected by that case. It is the right of parenthood. While women maintain the right to be a parent, the Supreme Court has taken that right away from men and turned fatherhood into a privilege also. No man can become a father unless the mother of that unborn human being chooses to give birth.

We are a nation that declares that 95 percent of us believe in God. I have my doubts about that now. For it seems that people are more concerned with the environment he created for us than they are for the people he created the environment for us to live in. The Supreme Court has placed women on a pedestal that is even above the throne of God when they made this decision.

When you look back at the time of this decision you will realize that the number of us that can declare that they were given the right to life and the right to parenthood is diminishing year by year. This issue should make us realize just how precious God-given rights are and how easily that they can be denied us. Think about it and think deeply and long.

Every one of us is either a parent or a potential parent. We became potential parents the moment our mothers decided to give birth to us. What is it that we possessed at the time of that decision that gave us that potentiality and do we still possess it today? Can it be taken away from us or is it something we will always possess? Then ask those same questions in regards to the potentiality of that human being within the womb and see what answers you will come up with.


Anonymous said...

I think parenting is a privilege for not just men, but for women also. I don't think having children is a right for anyone. I haven't always seen it that way, but witnessing woman after woman suffer from infertility, I realize children are definitely a privilege, and not a right. If it was a right, women wouldn't struggle with infertility.

I do understand what you're saying though, and it's always bothered me that men don't have the same say when it comes to a fetus.
- Leah -

Anonymous said...
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The Griper said...

true, leah, it is a privilege when you look at that aspect of it but remember it is a decision of God not men or if you do not wish to allow God into the argument it is nature that makes that decision not men.

the abortion issue is about decisions of men interfering in a decision not theirs to make.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I say with with respect and not a bit of stridency in my typing. But not all people share your belief that "it is a decision of God not men."

As a woman, I can also say with authority that healthy fetuses have "naturally" been aborted because of a simple hormone deficiency--nothing wrong with the fetus--and yet it was aborted.

Medical science can now help women who have this problem, but without medical science, thousands of healthy fetuses would have naturally been aborted because of nothing more than a lack of a very important hormone to keep the pregnancy going.

Is that "natural" abortion the decision of a higher being?

No one has been able to answer this for me.

The Griper said...

"Is that "natural" abortion the decision of a higher being?"

ok, if no one has answered that question for you, i will. the answer is no.


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