Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Octuplets entered Today

A woman gave birth to octuplets today. I know this is a very foolish thought when it should be a time a celebration but I could not help but wonder if an abortion had ever been performed when there was more than one baby in the womb? And don't ask me where that fool of a question came from because I have no idea.


Gayle said...

I can't answer the question, Griper. Sorry. I never heard of an abortion being performed with more than one baby in the womb, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I heard about that woman giving birth to eight babies. Crimeny! I can't even imagine!

I have a question for all of my readers. I hope you will stop by as I will be interested in your answer.

Karen Howes said...

While this is good news, I know that in the case of multiple births, one can certainly have a baby or two aborted "to give the other(s) a better chance."

I'm sure it's been done.

tweetey30 said...

Yikes. I had c-sections with my girls I dont think I could handle having eight babies at once. I am glad I had one at a time.. this is great news but still loads of babies and diapers to take care of..

Average American said...

When people start pumping them out 8 at a time, I hope they're not all liberals!

BB-Idaho said...

Not sure I would call octuplets abnormal...but it sure is atypical.
And probably the result of fertility treatments. Having only three kids 9 years apart, I can only ponder the birthday parties of
this family! As to abortions of one or more in these multiple birth situations, I suspect it has been done for medical reasons, although can find nothing in the lit on the matter. Certainly, among primitive tribes (like the
African !Kung, infanticide was common if more than one baby was born...normal and acceptable practice in a culture where nomadic
wandering was a way of life and where the mother carried her child typically over 1500 miles a year...for four years. Modern medicine has made feasible the hpossibility of octuplets..as well as the viability of such offspring.
Interesting to see how a large group of siblings the same age interact with each other, and for that matter, what sort of family vehicle holds eight car seats!

Anonymous said...

I've heard abortion (selective reduction) happening quite frequently with more than one baby in the womb. I've also heard if there are ever more than 2, that almost all doctor give that option. What a crazy story. Octuplets?!?

BB-Idaho said...

The more we learn, the more unusual the story gets....

Myself said...

Lets face it, you and I will be supporting those kids, unless Oprah Winfrey wants to.

commoncents said...

Great post!

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Lista said...

Hi Griper,
She had a whole litter, didn't she? lol Karen said what I was going to say.

Average American,
Amen to that.

Eight car seats, indeed. She's got her work cut out for her. lol

Shaw Kenawe said...

I think the woman is unbalanced.

Her mother asserts that she wanted lots and lots of children. She has no husband and was artificially inseminated for all her pregnancies.

She had six children under the age of 8.Now she has 14 under the age of 8.

Yes. One can have selective reduction. She refused.

Where were the responsible adults in this idiocy?

dcat said...

This is sick!

A doctors license should be lost!!!


It's like a puppy mill!!!

Anonymous said...

She actually had IVF to get pregnant. I agree. . . totally irresponsible on the part of the doctors. Malpractice if you ask me.


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